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12 'As Nearly Perfect As You Can Get'
In this, his seventh season, the Celtics' Larry Bird is demonstrating that he may be the NBA's best of all time
by Jack McCallum

18 Caught In A Sudden Storm
Iowa's Hawkeyes brought a two-year wrestling streak to old rival Iowa State only to be swept away by the Cyclones
by Ivan Maisel

20 Who Are Those Guys, Anyway?
Well, they're the new stars of the PGA Tour, which means that a lot of observers are hankering for the old ones
by Rick Reilly

28 Time To Rise And Shine
As March approached, Louisville's Cardinals once again mounted an assault on the college basketball summit
by Alexander Wolff

30 Dizzy Days At The Arbitration Table
As a madcap season of hearings came to a close, Boston's Wade Boggs was forced to settle for a mere $1.35 million
by Hank Hersch

34 The Talk Of The Town
And it's not only in Pittsburgh that Mario Lemieux, center for the Penguins, is being compared with the Great One
by Bob Kravitz

42 This Beast Is A Beauty
Newly baptized John Mugabi is seeking to rid himself of a nickname and Marvelous Marvin Hagler of a title as well
by Clive Gammon

58 A Heavenly Game?
Catholic colleges have won fame in basketball, but, the author suggests, this could well be a mixed blessing
by Frank Deford


7 Scorecard
48 College Basketball
56 Luge
73 For The Record
76 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Jerry Wachter



LEADING OFF: Iowa's Jim Heffernan was bloodied, bent and eventually bowed 12-5 by Iowa State's Tim Krieger during a historic meet in which the Cyclones hammered the Hawkeyes for the first time in five years.