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Hoofing It To Louisville
Snow Chief, a colt partly owned by a former vaudevillian, won the Florida Derby to become the favorite for the Roses
by Demmie Stathoplos

16 Out In The Boonies With Seve
Banned from the PGA Tour, Spain's Seve Ballesteros last week lent major presence to the fledgling TPA circuit
by Barry McDermott

18 A Fresh Breeze Cools The Desert Air
Under Dick Williams the San Diego Padres had become a sullen team. He's out, and Steve Boros promises a new start
by Jaime Diaz

22 Color Of The Year In The Ivys: Brown
The Bruins put an end to 17 years of dominance by the P-teams and won their first Ivy League hoops title ever
by Alexander Wolff


Sports Gambling

Betting on team sports is mostly illegal, but it's big and getting bigger. And the threat it poses is growing, too

The Vegas Line is set by sometimes oddball odds-makers whose computations are not always entirely scientific 58
by Douglas S. Looney

Members of Gamblers Anonymous meet frequently to drive away the demons that make them compulsive bettors 64
by Clive Gammon

Quarterback Art Schlichter derailed a promising NFL career by succumbing to a pathological need to make bets 74
by Armen Keteyian

Two old Seton Hall basketball players—one a fixer, one a betrayed teammate—met for the first time in 25 years 78
by Sam Toperoff


7 Scorecard
84 TV/Radio
86 College Basketball
91 For The Record
93 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Lane Stewart



At Madison Square Garden last Friday, Sergei Bubka of the U.S.S.R. went up, up, up, and the indoor mark went with him as he bettered by half an inch the world best he had set only five days earlier in San Diego.