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12 Bolts Out Of The Blue
No. 1 Duke is still alive, but eight of the 15 other NCAA tournament survivors are mighty big surprises indeed
by Alexander Wolff

22 O.K., Now Bring On The Next Victim
After KO'ing John Mugabi in the 11th round in Las Vegas, Marvin Hagler has his fists set squarely on Thomas Hearns
by Pat Putnam

26 Filling The Gap With A Flourish
With Nancy Lopez on maternity leave, some new-breed stars are now asserting themselves out on the LPGA tour
by Rick Reilly

30 He's A Big Hit Everywhere But At Bat
Buddy Biancalana, the Kansas City shortstop, would be an even bigger name if only he had a little more clout
by Sandy Keenan

32 A Double Feature All By Himself
In only his second season in the NBA, the Philadelphia 76ers' Charles Barkley is already a star of epic proportions
by Bruce Newman

40 Thrown For Heavy Losses
When Technical Equities Corp. came a cropper, athletes and others found themselves with big money problems
by William Nack
Special Reporting by Armen Keteyian and Jill Lieber

58 Rumbling With Rusty
She started life as Rena Glickman, but Brooklyn's own Rusty Kanokogi grew up to become the queen of judo
by Gary Smith


7 Scorecard
48 College Basketball
50 Wrestling
54 Pro Football
73 For The Record
74 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Manny Millan



LEADING OFF: No, these aren't students of judo queen Rusty Kanokogi (page 58). They're N.C. State's Bennie Bolton and Arkansas-Little Rock's Myron Jackson, and they couldn't seem to escape each other during a grueling double-OT NCAA tournament game won by the Wolfpack.