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16 Shooting On Down To Dallas

Two upsets put upstart LSU into the NCAA's Final Four 18
by Alexander Wolff

Louisville larruped UNC and Auburn to win the West 20
by Roger Jackson

Kansas collared the Spartans and then the Wolfpack 23
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The Blue Devils put their Dukes up, the Midshipmen down 25
by Jack McCallum

28 Cashing In On The Collywobbles
Debi Thomas and Brian Boitano of the U.S. kept their cool and took the world skating titles from those who didn't
by E.M. Swift

36 Now, That's A Capital Improvement
Washington, instead of swooning as usual, is giving the Philadelphia Flyers a fight for the Patrick Division title
by Bob Kravitz

40 That's Not All, Folks
Though the Angels sought to edit him out, Reggie Jackson is back in the picture for at least one more socko season
by Rick Reilly

44 Dark Days For Neon Leon
He once had the heavyweight title and the headlines, but these days Leon Spinks is fighting mostly for survival
by William Nack

60 Memories
Our basketball-minded author once believed that the Final Four belonged to him alone. Now he has to share
by Curry Kirkpatrick


11 Scorecard
50 Pro Basketball
56 Tennis
81 For The Record
82 19th Hole

Cover photographs: John Iacono (LSU), John McDonough (Louisville), Jerry Wachter (Duke), David E. Klutho (Kansas)



LEADING OFF: Reggie Jackson, No. 1 in your hearts, No. 44 in your program, may appear to be chairman of the bored here, but Reggie is working mighty hard to avoid becoming the California Angels' designated sitter.