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14 The High And The Mighty
In a clash of potent forces, the Boston Celtics took a 2-1 lead over Houston's Rockets in the NBA final series
by Jack McCallum

20 An Indy Won With One Swell Swoop
Given a golden chance with two laps to go, Bobby Rahal sailed by Kevin Cogan and triumphed at a record speed
by Sam Moses

30 A Streak On The Line
Edwin Moses, the winner of 94 consecutive 400 hurdles races, is fit again and ready to take on his challengers
by Kenny Moore

38 Hello, Gerry, Where Ya Been?
After a first-round knockout of Eddie Gregg, the long AWOL Gerry Cooney insists he's back on the right track
by Pat Putnam

60 Dynasty With An Asterisk
The San Diego Sockers beat the Minnesota Strikers in the MISL final to win their fifth straight indoor soccer title
by Jaime Diaz

66 The Pitch Of The '80s
Thanks to the proselytizing of Roger Craig, the split-finger has become a hit with pitchers—and a big miss with hitters
by Ron Fimrite


9 Scorecard
48 Golf
52 Inside Baseball
83 For The Record
84 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Steve Lipofsky



LEADING OFF: In a festive atmosphere in Mexico City's Azteca stadium, 110,000 fans turned out to witness, among other spectacles, Bulgaria's goalie, Borislav Mihailov, giving up the first goal of the 1986 World Cup (inset) to Alessandro Altobelli of Italy. Bulgaria fought back to tie 1-1.



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