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14 Tango Argentino!
Superstar Diego Maradona spurred Argentina to victory over West Germany in the World Cup final in Mexico City
by Clive Gammon

18 A Killer Drug Strikes Again
Eight days after the Len Bias tragedy, cocaine caused the death of another young athlete, the Browns' Don Rogers
by Armen Keteyian and Bruce Selcraig

20 Now You See Him, Now You Don't
Jimmy Connors's first opening-round defeat in 15 trips to Wimbledon highlighted a hectic week at the tournament
by Frank Deford

22 Give The First Round To The USFL
The embattled younger league has scored tellingly against the NFL in its antitrust suit; now the NFL has the football
by William Nack

28 Kiss That One Goodbye...
...and say hello to A's rookie Jose Canseco, who's leading the majors in RBIs while building a batting-practice legend
by Ron Fimrite

34 The Brits Are Having A Ball
Football, that is, the American version. NFL telecasts are so popular in England that teams are popping up everywhere
by Clive Gammon

54 A Hot Times In A Northern Clime
What can explain the abundance of world records at Oslo's Bislett Stadium? Partial answer: the Norwegian people
by Kenny Moore


9 Scorecard
44 Swimming
48 Inside Baseball
71 For The Record
72 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Leo Mason—SIPA/Special Features



LEADING OFF: The Gipper has also never seen England's version of American football, but he would be happy to know that the sport is growing in towns like Mansfield.