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Last winter we reported on a phenomenon in U.S. intercollegiate
athletics: A 7 ft. 3 in. basketball player from Africa was being told
by his school's administrators that, even though he was technically
eligible to play, he should sit out a year and bone up academically.
Interestingly, the player agreed to sit out rather than quit school
or transfer (SCORECARD, Feb. 17). ''I will stay at the school,'' said
Michel Bonebo of Division II St. Michael's College in Vermont. ''I
will get an education. Then I will play basketball.'' Bonebo has
been true to his word. His spring-term grades in ! two undergrad
courses and two courses in the international studies program were all
B's; he needed only C's to qualify as a full-time student this fall.
Bonebo just finished playing for the Ivory Coast in the World
Basketball Championships in Spain, and he's headed back to Vermont
where he'll finally take the floor for St. Mike's.