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National League owners have instituted a mock kangaroo court for
incoming president and Red Sox fanatic A. Bartlett Giamatti. ''(Dr.
John) McMullen says I'll be fined $500 every time I mention the Red
Sox,'' said Giamatti. ''If Boston finally makes it to the World
Series, it's going to be difficult going to Fenway Park and rooting
for the National League team.'' . . . Houston's Nolan Ryan has been
trying to learn to scuff up baseballs from teammate Mike Scott, but
thus far he has had so much trouble mastering the art that his
pitches have either sailed or sunk out of control. . . . The Mets
didn't make a big deal out of their recall from Tidewater of
fireballing lefthander Randy Myers, but they think he can be a Dave
Righetti. . . . Now that the A's have signed Jose Canseco's twin
brother, Ozzie, owner Wally Haas Sr. figures they can get the rookie
sensation up twice through each turn in the order. Haas suggests that
the A's write Ozzie's name into the lineup, send Jose up in both
their spots, and no one will know the difference. . . . It did not
take a gen- ius to figure out why the Brewers re-signed Gorman
Thomas, perhaps the most popular player in the franchise's 17-year
history. They were down 174,158 in attendance, but when they held an
All-Star break press conference to announce Gorman's return, more
than 40 media types showed up. ''I feel like I'm back home again,''
said Stormin' Gorman.