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Told by coach Mike Ditka to bring only 300 pounds to camp, the
Chicago Bears' William Perry nevertheless showed up last week at the
Bears' Platteville, Wis., training facility with 325 pounds in the
fridge. ''He worked out religiously until a week ago,'' said an
understanding Ditka, ''and then he went home to South Carolina.
That's usually a catastrophe. The chicken population of South
Carolina goes down measurably.'' Ditka said he expects Perry to
break camp 25 pounds lighter, and Perry agreed that it would be ''no
Two-and-a-half ounces that Perry will never shed are on view here:
the 40- diamond, 10-karat gold ring he got for being on the winning
side in Super Bowl XX. The average man's ring size is 10, but this
one is size 23, the largest Super Bowl ring ever made. ''We made a
size 18 or 19 for Ed (Too Tall) Jones of the Cowboys,'' says Connie
McCaffrey, communications coordinator for Jostens of Minneapolis,
which has manufactured rings for 12 Super Bowl teams. ''But I can get
three of the tips of my fingers into this one.''


COURTESY OF JOSTENS The ring turns half a buck intosmall change.