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The Dave Winfield for Ozzie Smith rumor resurfaced at the All-Star
Game, but Winfield continued to insist that he would not waive his
10-and-5 rights and leave New York. The entire business is absurd,
for Winfield still led the Yankees in RBIs per at bat. . . . Teammate
Mike Pagliarulo moved to within one of the league home run lead
when he homered in consecutive starts against lefties, the only
homers he has hit off lefthanders in his last 29. ''The more I see
lefthanders, the better I'll hit them,'' said the workaholic
Pagliarulo. ''And the better I'll hit righthanders, too. Hitting
against lefties makes me hang in. Also, after seeing a lefty,
hitting against a righty looks a whole lot easier.'' . . . It should
come as no surprise to anyone that two weeks after signing with the
Giants, Steve Carlton has learned the split- fingered fastball from
Roger Craig and plans to unveil it soon. . . . Detroit ace Jack
Morris is back to normal. When he shut out the Rangers on July 18, it
was his sixth straight complete game. A major reason for his success
is the return of his slider. ''It looks like the ball has butter on
it, it's sliding so much,'' says Royals infielder Greg Pryor.


(R) TOPPS CHEWING GUM INC. A happy 56th for the utility infielder.