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I have read Ron Fimrite's story on the Steele's Sports Co.
softball team (The Men Of Steele's, July 28), and based on my
experience with softball and Scott Virkus, I agree that this indeed
may be softball's greatest team.
I have played the game for the past 15 years and I have never
seen anyone hit a softball farther than Virkus has. During a
tournament two years ago in White Plains, N.Y., Virkus, playing for
the Garage Door from Rochester, hit eight home runs in 10 games.
Only one player had ever hit a home run out of this particular park,
but Virkus hit three. ''Bam Bam'' (that's Virkus's nickname) will be
remembered in this area for a long time.
Hawthorne, N.Y.
Fimrite mentioned Steele's lopsided margins of victory. In all
fairness to the teams that have beaten them, what kinds of margins
has Steele's lost by?
Mountlake Terrace, Wash.
-- On regulation softball fields, Steele's has lost twice to the
Smythe Sox of Houston, 40-27 and 23-14, once to Shubin's of Los
Angeles, 27-17, and once each to Great South of Atlanta, 23-21, and
Coors of Detroit, 25-24. In games played on baseball diamonds without
temporary softball fences, Steele's has lost 12-9 to the South
Florida All-Stars of Miami, 12-10 to Miller Medical of Waterloo,
Iowa, and 12-11 to the Lite Athletic Club of Daytona Beach, Fla. --
If you are going to cover softball, why not cover it completely?
It does not take nearly as much athletic ability to play slo-pitch as
it does fast-pitch. Where is the challenge in hitting a ball that is
lobbed compared with hitting a ball thrown with speed from 46 feet,
as in fast-pitch? Just remember: Softball is for everyone, but
fast-pitch is for athletes.
Savannah, Mo.
Shame on you for running a silly story on sissy-pitch softball in
the same issue with a feature on Rickey Henderson, the Bronx Burner.
Hitting a 12-inch softball over a cheap fence with a 38-ounce bat and
a two-ton belly should be last on the list of America's sports.