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With regard to Rick Telander's article on USFL quarterback Jim
Kelly (Life With Lord Jim, July 21), I find it incredible and most
disturbing to think that in depicting his considerable football
abilities, albeit untested in the NFL, you felt it necessary to
subject us to an account of his escapades to strip joints and with
the ladies -- as if being a football attraction entitles one to live
with all the moral restraint of an alley cat. Some model! And what,
pray tell, do pictures of his poolside pals and his bubble baths have
to do with football?
Would to God there were more athletes like Bart Starr and Roger
Staubach, who along with their superior leadership and ability on the
field have exhibited moral and spiritual integrity off it. These and
others like them are the stars whose lives are worth emulating and
reading about.
Grabill (Ind.) Evangelical
Mennonite Church
I have just finished the piece on Jim Kelly, including these
statements about a scene in Kelly's house: ''When you enter a Kelly
gathering you are absorbed into the family, and the bonding agent is
beer. The steins wielded by Uncle Ed are gigantic, and he hands them
out the way an usher distributes playbills.''
I am a coach, and I do not allow my players to use drugs or
alcohol at any time, so they will not wind up someday like Len Bias,
Don Rogers or Pelle Lindbergh. It disturbs me when, one week, I read
Rick Reilly's article on how to clear up the drug problem (When The
Cheers Turned To Tears, July 14), and the next week, I read about the
seemingly continuous flow of beer at Kelly's house. If you are
serious about finding a solution to the drug and alcohol problem,
let's see more articles on cleaning up drugs and fewer, if any,
stories on this kind of life-style.
Boys Basketball Coach
New Providence (N.J.) High School