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Nolan Ryan left his July 27 start after five innings with a sore
elbow. Despite allowing three hits and striking out 24 in the 14 1/3
innings of his last two starts, he was placed on the 15-day disabled
list. ''I'm disappointed,'' said Ryan, who requested a postgame
meeting Wednesday night with manager Hal Lanier and G.M. Dick Wagner.
''I think it was premature. I don't agree with it. For some unknown
reason they've decided to put me on the DL. They didn't give me any
say. I think I can pitch, but that hasn't changed their thinking.''
Lanier felt the rest would keep Ryan strong for the September run. .
. . Rick Sutcliffe and Dennis Eckersley are miffed at Cubs G.M.
Dallas Green's statements that he was unable to trade them and Steve
Trout for any value. ''He (Green) says a lot of things,'' retorted
Sutcliffe, who, bothered by injuries, has been held to 12-18 since
going 20-6 in his 1984 contract season. ''He says one thing to the
papers and another thing to your face.'' . . . Twins owner Carl
Pohlad and vice-president Howard Fox gave manager Ray Miller a quasi
vote of confidence last week, but no one seemed to know if it meant
any more than the ones Tony La Russa received in Chicago. Fox is said
to have favored replacing Miller with third base coach Tom Kelly,
which would stave off the Billy Martin bandwagon if the Twins
finished strong. A fan hung a TELL RAY THAT'S ALL -- WE WANT
BILLYBALL sign in the Metrodome last week. It was hastily removed.
Oh, yes. When the silver-anniversary team was announced July 31,
Martin was the manager. It should be mentioned that the hitting was
so bad in July that the only player whose average went up was Randy
Bush, who drove in one run in 64 at bats while skyrocketing from .252
to .260.