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The decision by commissioner Peter Ueberroth and Player Relations
Committee executive director Barry Rona to dump arbitrator Tom
Roberts, who was in the middle of hearing a case claiming owner
collusion on salaries, indicates they were worried Roberts would
rule against them. Donald Fehr, the Players Association executive
director, will file a grievance asking that Roberts be reinstated.
The owners think that this snafu will get them through another
free-agent season, although should there be no interest in such free
agents as Jack Morris, Tim Raines, Lance Parrish, Rich Gedman, Jack
Clark and Andre Dawson, then what further proof of collusion would
the players need?. . . Managerial chapters may be over for Steve
Boros in San Diego and John Felske in Philadelphia, both of whom
could be gone at season's end. ''I came to the Padres organization
and signed a multiyear contract to be with the organization and a
one-year deal as manager,'' says Boros, who likely won't be sad to
get away from that bizarre clubhouse. San Diego G.M. Jack McKeon
says, ''Some of these players may not be as good as I thought.'' Look
for a housecleaning to get defense into the infield, speed and more
pitching. With Benito Santiago expected to take over behind the
plate, the most marketable player will be catcher Terry Kennedy. . .
. Don't be surprised if former Astros manager and current Giants
coach Bobby Lillis is the first name to crop up for either of those
managerial jobs. . . . On Tuesday, July 29 Calvin Schiraldi was the
Red Sox' long man out of the bullpen. On Aug. 1 he was the seventh-
and eighth-inning setup man. Two days later the 6 ft. 4 in., 200-
pound Texas teammate of Roger Clemens was their closer, and he got
his second and third saves over the weekend. ''I think you'll see a
lot of him in that position the rest of the season,'' says Boston
manager John McNamara, who is hoping to catch lightning in Schiraldi
-- obtained from New York for Bobby Ojeda -- just as Toronto did with
Tom Henke and St. Louis with Todd Worrell last year.


ANDY HAYT Boros (center) and Kennedy (right) maybe wearing different uniforms in 1987.