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The Dodgers ran into an embarrassing situation when they allowed
Pedro Guerrero to rush himself back into leftfield on Aug. 4
without putting him through any simulated games or rehab assignment.
Guerrero was tentative on fielding several balls, struck out twice
and was back on the bench for the rest of the big series with the
Astros. Monday the Dodgers put him on the 15- day DL. ''He looked
like a wounded animal out there,'' says Houston reliever Dave Smith.
''Why was he playing when they won seven in a row without him?'' The
Dodgers won the seven straight because their starters went a minimum
of seven innings six times out and Orel Hershiser was back in form.
. . . With Willie McGee out for at least two weeks, Ozzie Smith
has taken over the Cardinals' RBI lead -- even though he has not
hit a home run. The last man to lead the Cards in RBIs without a
homer was one Jake Beckley back in 1906. Beckley drove in 44 runs. Of
course the Cardinals only hit 10 home runs as a team that season. . .
. Manager Chuck Tanner has already told the Atlanta media that Doyle
Alexander will be his 1987 opening day starter. At the time,
Alexander was 0-4 in his last five starts. Not only that, but
Alexander is a free agent at the end of the season. . . . The two
independent minor league clubs -- the San Jose Bees and the Miami
Marlins -- have now provided the A's with lefthanded pitcher Dave
Von Ohlen and the Angels with Vernon Ruhle. . . . When the
Cardinals went 15-for-15 stealing against the Phillies last week,
they were left with a 39-for-42 for the season. ''I have to say it's
a combination of things,'' says Vince Coleman. ''Several of their
pitchers have high leg kicks, and at the same time, (John) Russell
doesn't have the greatest arm in baseball. You could go by my
comments, but just go by the statistics.'' Philadelphia catchers have
thrown out only 48 of 204 runners for the season.


RICHARD MACKSON Back too soon, Guerrero was DL'd.