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12 Take That, You Hitters
And that and that and that. The Mets are home free in the NL East, thanks to a quartet of stellar starting pitchers
by Ron Fimrite

18 The Day Of The Disciple
Trainer Phil Gleaves sent Wise Times out to beat Danzig Connection, and mentor Woody Stephens, in the Travers
by William Nack

20 Is It A Sin For Saints To Win?
No, but New Orleans' football team acted as if it were before new coach Jim Mora arrived to change all that
by E.M. Swift

26 Sorry Past, Bright Future
Despite the lingering effects of an agonizing adolescence, Glenn Davis has become the Astros' Super Slugger
by Bruce Newman

36 'You Have To Be A Fool At Times'
John Stallworth, the Steelers' great clutch receiver, will be ignoring the footsteps once more in season No. 13
by Ralph Wiley

60 Out To Byte The Aussies
The San Francisco challenge to rescue the America's Cup from Down Under is a high tech, computer-driven effort
by Sarah Ballard

72 Stormin' Norman
Greg Norman charged after a Grand Slam, and though he came away with just one major, it was a merry, wild chase
by Barry McDermott

Cover photograph by Manny Millan


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66 Track
68 Inside Baseball
89 For The Record
90 19th Hole




Nugget rookie Maurice Martin's wheels were a mile high and then some as pranksters in the Denver front office did a little skyscraping with his BMW. Martin (inset) was a good sport about it.