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Every now and then an invention comes along that makes you wonder where it has been all your life—and why the world took so long to figure it out. The Sensi Sport Sponge is just such an invention. It's a "personal chamois," a towel that doubles as...well no, it triples, quadruples.... Actually, it can be about whatever you want it to be, except maybe a new Ferrari or a villa in Aspen. Never mind. You can wash and dry those things with it, at least.

The Sport Sponge is a synthetic chamois made of polyvinylacetate, and although it measures only 8½ by 27 inches, it is as absorbent as a big terry-cloth towel. It can do everything the towel can do, but you might not want to lie on it at the beach and you probably shouldn't try to wrap yourself in it unless you're not bashful. The sponge comes in white, gray, pink, blue and aqua and is stored in a plastic container like a traveler's soap dish, which keeps it moist.

The greatest thing about the sponge is not how well it dries you off, but that it can be used repeatedly, with just a rinse and a squeeze after each use. It is ideal for the swimming pool—don't be surprised if you see competitive swimmers and divers using Sport Sponges in the near future. A water skier shouldn't be without one. And at health clubs it's sensational: You can use the sponge to wipe off perspiration as you work out; take it into the shower and use it as a washrag; then rinse out the soap, dry off with it, rinse it once more and store it in the container. That smelly locker could become but a foggy memory—as long as you wash the rest of your stuff.

Computer jocks use the Sport Sponge to clean their terminals because it doesn't leave lint. Hospitals use them because they can be sterilized. I spent five days on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands, and it was the only towel I needed.

The Sensi Sport Sponge, new to the market, is available in some of the better department stores and at health clubs and sporting-goods stores across the land for $10 ($12 after Oct. 1). It's a must for the athlete who has everything.