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28 Reaching For Respect
The Jets, poor relatives in New York, won a wild one from Miami and now appear ready to challenge the Giants' sway
by Paul Zimmerman

32 The Other Game In New York
As its $2 billion TV contract runs out, the NFL is faced with the bitter truth that ratings no longer guarantee big money
by William Taaffe

34 Adios To A Big Red Machinist
It was Doggie Day afternoon in Cincinnati as teammates bade farewell to Tony Perez, the symbol of a prideful past
by Ron Fimrite

36 Talk About Looking Back In Anger
With a potent, balanced attack, the Washington Huskies seat BYU and thereby were able to settle an old score
by Bruce Anderson

38 Stage Fright At A Dress Rehearsal
Boycotts and a terrorist bomb blast made the Tenth Asian Games, in Seoul, South Korea, as tense as real Olympics
by William Oscar Johnson

46 The Man Who Would Be Greyhound
Drag racing star Don Garlits once said he would like just to eat, sleep and chase rabbits—presumably at 270 mph
by Sam Moses

56 The Most Powerful Woman In Sports
Women have staked out a major place on the playing fields in recent years. But who wields real clout? No one
by Sarah Ballard

84 A Great Hand With The Old Cowhide
Cattle rancher Nolan Ryan of Alvin, Texas, is still burning his brand on baseball after 20 years and 4,259 strikeouts
by Ron Fimrite


25 Scorecard
70 Inside Baseball
72 Pro Football
78 College Football
82 Golf
103 For The Record
104 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Brian Lanker




Galloping with a new sun at Belmont is Lady's Secret, Secretariat's greatest offspring, warming up for her victory in the Ruffian Handicap the next day.