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22 Denver's Having A Ball
Awakening echoes of their '78 Super Bowl team, the Broncos beat Dallas and raised their record to 5-0
by Paul Zimmerman

28 Mattingly Ends His Year Fittingly
Don Mattingly couldn't catch Wade Boggs in the batting race, but he showed why he's the best in the game
by Peter Gammons

30 Beating Back A Game Challenge
Anatoly Karpov played valiantly in their showdown, but Gary Kasparov outlasted him to keep the chess crown
by William Nack

Hockey 1986-87

38 Montreal's Patrick Roy is the king of a kiddie corps of promising young goalies that is disproving a hoary theory
by Bob Kravitz

48 In six months the NHL begins its real season, and here are scouting reports on the outcome of the 80-game warmup
by Bob Kravitz

81 It Was Worth The Wait
Quarterback Vinny Testaverde endured three long years on the bench before lifting the Miami Hurricanes to No. 1
by Curry Kirkpatrick

104 He's Still Not Home Free
The Mets' brilliant team leader, Keith Hernandez, deals with doubts, demons and a love-hate relationship with his father
by William Nack


17 Scorecard
88 Inside Baseball
92 Horse Racing
95 Pro Football
98 College Football
131 For The Record
132 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Peter Read Miller




Once a Monster of the Midway, now a Master of the Ballet: The Bears' Willie Gault dances with Maria Terezia Balogh of the Chicago City Company during a benefit performance.