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18 The Baseball Playoffs
The NLCS featured a truly amazin' Mets comeback and a pair of split-fingered masterpieces by Houston's Mike Scott
by Bruce Newman

In the American League, California led 3-2 over Boston in a taut series that produced heartstoppers in Games 4 and 522
by Peter Gammons

26 Trying Times For Men Of Troy
The up and down football team is just one reason there's a chill in the air in the Southern Cal athletic department
by Rick Reilly

34 Going Ape Over Tape
The NFL's new replay system has not been working right; even worse, it has the on-field officials hearing rewinds
by Paul Zimmerman

36 Are They Sailing Or Selling?
The America's Cup syndicates, almost awash with high expenses, turn to corporate sponsors to help bail them out
by Sarah Ballard

46 The Catch Of The Day
For consistency and all-around reliability, record-setting Steve Largent of the Seahawks is the best NFL receiver
by Jill Lieber

86 The Nature Conservancy Game
The richest environmental group mixes savvy and altruism to gain a monopoly of half a million of God's rarest acres
by Bil Gilbert


13 Scorecard
62 Horse Racing
64 College Football
71 Pro Football
78 Wrestling
107 For The Record
108 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Jerry Wachter



LEADING OFF: Autumn in New England and a perfect afternoon at the Fens: The slanting sun shone bright, the air was crisp, and Don Baylor, the soul of the Sox, led Boston to a 9-2 victory.