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18 It Went Thataway!
Down 0-2, the confused and confounded Mets tried to figure out how the Series, and Boston, were getting away
by Ron Fimrite

34 The Shoe Was On The Other Foot
As in 1985, Michigan-Iowa came down to a last-second field goal, but the outcome was different: Michigan won
by Rick Reilly

39 Olympic Circus Maximus
Barcelona and Albertville, France, were awarded the 1992 Games at the International Olympic Committee meeting
by William Oscar Johnson and Anita Verschoth

44 The Best Norse In The Long Run
Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway is the fastest woman in the world at 5,000 meters, 10,000 meters and in the marathon
by Kenny Moore

76 A Cricket's Babe Ruth
Ian Botham, a man regularly in hot water with the British Establishment, is the player and controversy of the century
by Clive Gammon


13 Scorecard
55 College Football
62 Soccer
64 Gambling
69 Pro Football
95 For The Record
96 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra



LEADING OFF: While soccer can't cut it in America as a spectator sport, it has become a healthy staple for the happy children of suburbia—like these 5-year-olds from Long Island, the Inchworms vs. the Bumblebees.