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16 Good To The Last Out
The Mets won the World Series by rallying to defeat the Boston Red Sox in the last two games in New York
by Ron Fimrite

34 A Midseason Run For Respect
Penn State made believers out of Alabama and gave two minor bowls major hopes for New Year's Day
by Douglas S. Looney

Pro Basketball '87

36 In an era when big men are ever more dominant, some NBA thinkers believe the players have outgrown the court
by Jack McCallum

54 In 1963, Chamberlain and Thurmond were the first towering tandem—and now everyone has to have a pair of big men
Photographs by Walter Iooss Jr.

60 Because of off-season shuffles and deals, Boston and Houston will meet some new—and different—challengers
by Jack McCallum

70 With nine seasons in Seattle behind him, Jack Sikma is home in the Midwest, hoping to lead Milwaukee to a title
by Bruce Newman

78 Notes and quotes from an NBA correspondent who spent the off-season with eyes peeled and ears to the ground
by Jack McCallum

84 Whether he's courtside in L.A. or following his Lakers on the road, Jack Nicholson is the NBA's most outrageous fan
by Rick Reilly


13 Scorecard
104 College Football
106 Pro Football
123 For The Record
124 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra




Fish in a feeding frenzy? No, it's the start of the 10th Ironman Triathlon, the event that spawned the whole phenomenon in 1978. In this churning mass off Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, are eventual winners Paula Newby-Fraser and Dave Scott, who won his fifth title, in a record 8:28:37.