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16 Ready...Set...Levitate!
Midair is the realm of Chicago's Michael Jordan, and he has the Bulls off to a stratospheric start in the new NBA season
by Rick Telander

22 A Little Miracle By The Bay
Eight weeks after back surgery that might have ended his career, 49er quarterback Joe Montana routed St. Louis
by Jaime Diaz

24 Are The Oilers Flaming Out Again?
Ousted from the Stanley Cup playoffs last spring by Calgary, Edmonton is still losing to the Flames this season
by Bob Kravitz

32 Coming Out Of The Darkness
Arizona State is headed for the Rose Bowl, where, for a change, it will play in daylight and get some recognition
by Rick Reilly

43 Scaling New Heights
With his diet devils reined in and personal tragedy dimmed by distance, Laffit Pincay Jr. is back on top of the world
by William Nack

76 Walker & Dorsett
The author paints intimate portraits of the Cowboys' famed running backs, who are as different as they are exceptional
by Rick Telander


11 Scorecard
52 Pro Football
65 College Football
73 Motor Sports
95 For The Record
96 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Manny Millan



LEADING OFF: Seen floating over the Chicago skyline: Air Jordan. But where, oh where, is the distinguished owner of this fancy footwear? Launched into orbit? Circling O'Hare? No, Michael Jordan is merely scorching the ozone of the NBA.