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14 Lookin' Super, D.C.
Jay Schroeder and the Washington Redskins smothered the Cowboys 41-14 as their Super Bowl prospects soared
by Paul Zimmerman

18 Getting A Belt Out Of Life
With a TKO over Trevor Berbick, 20-year-old Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history
by Pat Putnam

A Pair Of Thrillers

22 Paced by its superb tight end, Keith Jackson, Oklahoma scored 10 points in the final 1:22 to overcome Nebraska
by Jaime Diaz

29 Earle Bruce certainly is not flashy, and he did lose a close one to Michigan, but give the Buckeye coach some credit
by Hank Hersch

32 These Birds Aren't Likely To Land Soon
Atlanta's high-powered Hawks showed Boston that they can more than keep up with the best the NBA has to offer
by Ralph Wiley

40 The Lions Go Out Like Lambs
Ivy be-Leaguered Columbia ended another winless season, but then the school values sheepskin more than pigskin
by Rick Telander

80 Call It The Sport Of Sheikhs
With Sheikh Bin Rashid Al Maktoum buying up top U.S. thoroughbreds, the sport of kings has a different look
by Clive Gammon


9 Scorecard
58 Hockey
63 Pro Football
66 Water Polo
70 College Football
74 Indoor Soccer
97 For The Record
98 19th Hole

Cover photograph by John Iacono



LEADING OFF: Football has boon strictly mudville for Columbia as its 41-0 loss to Dartmouth on Nov. 8 suggested. After last week's season-ending loss to Brown, the Lions had a 31-game losing streak.