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22 A Giant Step Forward
Everything clicked for New York as it skunked the Skins and took over the top spot in the rough-tough NFC East
by Paul Zimmerman

30 Turning The Tables On Gable
Penn State defeated Dan Gable's Iowa wrestlers, upsetting the team that has won nine straight NCAA championships
by T. Nicholas Dawidoff

32 Playing Some Big O In Big D
The torrid Dallas Mavericks have shot and scored their way to a surprising early lead in the NBA's Midwest Division
by Ralph Wiley

40 A Shooting Star In The North
Dino Ciccarelli has regained his goal-scoring touch, and as a result, both he and the North Stars are now on top
by Pat Putnam

45 The Great American Disappearing Act
In qualifying for the Masters at Madison Square Garden, U.S. tennis came up empty—a frequent occurrence lately
by Frank Deford

54 Rising From The Depths
Notre Dame's David Rivers, who was nearly killed in an auto accident last summer, is playing basketball once more
by Douglas S. Looney

84 Now You See Him, Now You Don't
Getting a fix on Indianapolis owner Bob Irsay isn't easy—except that he has turned his franchise into a laughingstock
by E.M. Swift


17 Scorecard
61 College Basketball
69 Swimming
72 Pro Football
78 Rodeo
109 For The Record
110 19th Hole

Cover photograph by John Biever



LEADING OFF: With the thunder of hooves and the slap of leather, 16-year-old Charmayne James and her trusty horse, Scamper, took their act to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, where they clinched their third straight barrel-racing title.