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Whom would you want at the plate when the game's on the line? Mattingly? Schmidt? Whom would you want pitching for your team? Scott? Righetti? Since 1975 the Elias Sports Bureau has kept track of the best batters and pitchers in Late-Inning Pressure Situations—defined for a batter as any at bat in the 7th or later when his team is within three runs of the other (or four runs with the bases loaded) and for pitchers as any batter faced in the 7th or later when teams are within two runs of each other. The tables at the top of the opposite page, as well as the comments in the lineup charts accompanying the scouting reports, are from The 1987 Elias Baseball Analyst.*

*The 1987 Elias Baseball Analyst, by Seymour Siwoff, Steve Hirdt & Peter Hirdt, © 1987 by the Elias Sports Bureau, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Collier Books/Macmillan Publishing Co.



MVP—Eric Davis, Cincinnati

CY YOUNG AWARD—Ron Darling, New York

BATTING CHAMPION—Tim Raines, unsigned

HR CHAMPION—Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia

RBI CHAMPION—Eric Davis, Cincinnati

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR—Benito Santiago, San Diego

FIREMAN OF THE YEAR—Lee Smith, Chicago


MVP—Don Mattingly, New York

CY YOUNG AWARD—Danny Jackson, Kansas City


HR CHAMPION—Dan Pasqua, New York

RBI CHAMPION—Don Mattingly, New York

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR—B.J. Surhoff, Milwaukee

FIREMAN OF THE YEAR—Dave Righetti, New York