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One Day In Baseball
It is Sunday, June 21, and the game is alive in the land (page 24). We join the Gary Carter family at breakfast (28), and then meet Tony Bernazard and his three little Indians (32); Maryanne Simmons, an atypical baseball wife (38); Toronto's Joe Johnson, whose day is a downer (42); the two men inside the Fenway Park scoreboard (48); Minnesota's best beer vendor (54); Cardinal manager Whitey Herzog (72); the Orioles' radio voice (80); Wrigley Field's rooftop neighbors (82); a home-plate umpire (86); and the denizens of the Oakland Athletics' bullpen (88).


Letters 6
Scorecard 15
News of the Week 20
For the Record 106
Point After 108

Cover photograph by Bill Smith



FREE FOR ALL: Anyone can buy an official American League baseball for $5.95, but a ball scooped up from the Fenway Park clay on the first day of summer would be a priceless treasure indeed.