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As Reds fans, we were amused by the mention of All-Star Eric Davis in Darryl Strawberry's rap recording of Chocolate Strawberry (Taking the Rap, July 13). Therefore we have decided to add a few stanzas to that infamous tune.

In the big games Darryl gets the flu,
While the Mets look more like the Bronx Zoo;
The Reds are up there in the NL West,
As E, not Straw, is proving he's the best.

E sprays hits all over the park,
On baseball history he makes his mark;
Darryl continues to reap the fans' boos,
While his disposition is nothing new.

Darryl continues to run off at the mouth,
While his team is definitely heading South;
In the East the Cards are way ahead,
And Darryl should regret the things he said.
Columbus, Ohio

I admit that Strawberry hasn't been a choirboy lately, but he has consistently come through for clutch RBIs and is still a big asset to the team.
Lakewood, N.J.

In the Wimbledon semifinal (Smash Acts on Centre Court, July 13), Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova displayed the kind of courtesy and sportsmanship that should be adopted by all in the sport. The play should do the competitive talking, and afterward the players should be gracious. So, what did Curry Kirkpatrick do? He made fun of Evert and Navratilova for being gracious and for saying that they had played their best match. He decided the greatest rivalry in sport was boring!
Hartsdale, N.Y.

Last year (SCORECARD, Sept. 15) you purged yourselves of all Czech jokes and promised there would be no more. Yet what do I see in my July 13 issue? This picture caption: "Though things looked up for Lendl in the semis, Cash bounced the Czech in the final." The caption is amusing, but you did promise!
Washington, D.C.

I agree with what Bill Colson (Point After, June 29) had to say about professional tennis players in the Olympics, but the problems that he brought up would be eliminated if the event were restricted to amateurs. The thrill of representing one's country in an Olympics should be award enough for participants.

I should know; I played on the U.S. Olympic exhibition tennis team in Los Angeles in 1984. Don't get me wrong, my ultimate goal is to turn pro and make a living once I graduate from USC. But aside from college tennis, what other stepping-stones do amateur players have to propel themselves into the pro ranks?
Los Angeles

What an outstanding tribute to one of this country's greatest boxing heroes, Sugar Ray Robinson (Bittersweet Twilight for Sugar, July 13). Thanks to Ralph Wiley for bringing memories of Robinson back with such astonishing clarity.
Lewiston, Maine

I write as a close friend of Millie and Ray Robinson. I have known them since 1965.

Ray a prisoner? From my viewpoint, Millie is the prisoner! A willing, caring, loving prisoner who will do, and always has done, anything and everything for her Ray. Ray and Millie visit friends often, go out to dinner and do all that Ray is capable of doing. Millie remains the rock in Ray's corner.
Belton, Mo.


All of us at USC were thrilled not only that former Trojan golfer Scott Simpson won the 1987 U.S. Open but also that he appeared on your cover (June 29). Scott thus becomes the latest addition to the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED cover gallery in USC's Heritage Hall. Over the past four decades, 46 covers have featured current or former USC athletes. Here's the list:

Parry O'Brien (Mar. 21, 1955)
Parry O'Brien (Aug. 31, 1959)
Alex Olmedo (Sept. 7, 1959)
Dallas Long (April 25, 1960)
Murray Rose (Aug. 14, 1961)
Jon Arnett (Oct. 23, 1961)
John Rudometkin (Mar. 19, '62)
Frank Gifford (Dec. 17, 1962)
Dennis Ralston (Aug. 26, 1963)
Ron Fairly (Sept. 2, 1963)
Rudy Bukich (Sept. 12, 1966)
Bob Seagren (Feb. 20, 1967)
John McKay (Oct. 2, 1967)
O.J. Simpson (Nov. 20, 1967)
O.J. Simpson (Oct. 14, 1968)
O.J. Simpson (July 14, 1969)
O.J. Simpson (Aug. 25, 1969)
Jimmy Jones (Sept. 29, 1969)
Tom Seaver (Dec. 22, 1969)
Mike Garrett (Aug. 10, 1970)
Anthony Davis (Oct. 1, 1973)
O.J. Simpson (Oct. 29, 1973)
Anthony Davis (Nov. 5, 1973)
O.J. Simpson (Sept. 16, 1974)
Anthony Davis (Dec. 9, 1974)
Fred Lynn (July 7, 1975)
Tom Seaver (July 21, 1975)
Lynn Swann (Jan. 26, 1976)
Clarence Davis (Jan. 3, 1977)
Tom Seaver (June 27, 1977)
Charles White (Oct. 2, 1978)
Gus Williams (June 11, 1979)
Charles White (Sept. 10, 1979)
Ricky Bell (Jan. 7, 1980)
Paul Westphal (Oct. 20, 1980)
Rod Martin (Feb. 2, 1981)
Tom Seaver (July 27, 1981)
Marcus Allen (Oct. 5, 1981)
Craig Stadler (April 19, 1982)
Marcus Allen (Dec. 13, 1982)
Tom Seaver (April 18, 1983)
Jeff Float (July 9, 1984)
Fred Lynn (Mar. 18, 1985)
Cheryl Miller (Nov. 20, 1985)
Marcus Allen (Dec. 16, 1985)
Scott Simpson (June 29, 1987)
USC Sports Information Director
Los Angeles

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