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The Chase Is On 14
The Giants, who may be better than in '86, will be tough to catch
by Paul Zimmerman

Trapped By The Past 18
The Cowboys and Raiders are aging—and declining—dynasties
by Rick Reilly

Brutal Face-Off 32
The current crop of centers and noseguards is the best ever
by Paul Zimmerman

Eleven Is A Big Fat Crowd 42
Sorry, Dr. Z, the game doesn't need all those no-necks
by Frank Deford

Monday On His Mind 124
Dan Dierdorf is well prepared for Monday Night Football
by William Taaffe

Point After 130
The NFL would be better served without instant replay
by Jack McCallum


NFC East

N.Y. hasn't gone soft 46

Mark Bavaro has quietly become a giant among Giants 50
by Paul Zimmerman

NFC Central

Who's at quarterback? 60

Motown's Jimmy Williams loves the sound of his own hits 64
by Rick Telander

NFC West

The 49ers dig for linemen 72

L.A.'s Dennis Harrah is no longer Mr. Never Callitanight 76
by Rick Reilly

AFC East

The title fight is on Dec. 28 82

The Pats' Stanley Morgan has made a splashy comeback 86
by Austin Murphy

AFC Central

Can Cleveland tough it out? 92

The Steelers' Mark Malone took a lot of shots in '86 96
by Sam Toperoff

AFC West

Seattle has fixed its flaw 114

The Kansas City secondary is second to none 118
by Paul Zimmerman

Art Director: Mitch Shostak

Cover photo by Ronald C. Modra; Background, Walter Iooss Jr.