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November 18, 1987 Table Of Contents

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The Juco Express

Junior college players are on the fast track to the big time, with St. John's Michael Porter (4) and Boo Harvey leading the way

By Alexander Wolff


How Indiana Got Smart

When juco man Keith Smart hit the Shot (left), to win the NCAA, Bob Knight looked like a genius

By Bruce Newman

Comin' Back At San Jac

The Runnin' Ravens of San Jacinto College, the dominant juco team in the land, all have two things in common: a dingy past and a brighter future

By Charles Pierce


They're Jumping For Joy

All Wyoming is wild about the Cowboys, whose Fennis Dembo could lead them to the NCAA title

By Curry Kirkpatrick

Anatomy of The Game

Pressure Defense

The Hot Way to Turn Up the Heat

The undermanned Providence Friars used pressure defense in last season's NCAA tournament to burn some better teams and reach the Final Four. Don't think that other coaches didn't notice

By Alexander Wolff

Number One

Please Don't Pick Us No. 1

Coaches have learned the hard way that being first in the preseason polls can be the unkindest cut of all

By Curry Kirkpatrick

Scouting Reports

The Top 40

Syracuse, led by a terrific trio, is No. 1. As for which conference is best—a subject of hot debate among fans—it's the Big Ten

1 Big Ten

By Hank Hersch

The Waiting Game Is Over

By Hank Hersch

2 Big East

By Hank Hersch

Moving Up in a Fast Crowd

By Hank Hersch

3 Atlantic Coast

By Alexander Wolff

The Old College Try—Again

By Alexander Wolff

High Hopes for a Great Briton

By Franz Lidz

5 Southeastern

By Alexander Wolff

Big Mouth from the South

By Franz Lidz

6 Metro

By Alexander Wolff

The Eagles' Mooving Force

By Franz Lidz

7 Western Athletic

By Alexander Wolff

8 Pac-10

By Alexander Wolff

The Right Stuff—and the Left

By Bruce Anderson

9 Atlantic 10

By Hank Hersch

He Knows How To Take a Shot

By Richard Demak

Best of the Rest

By Alexander Wolff

For The Books

One for The Books

Players in the University Athletic Association, a cerebral new conference in Division III, are as proud of double majors as double figures

By Austin Murphy

Scouting Report

The Tricoastal Most

Global recruiting put St. Michael's on the map

By Jay Jennings

This Mann Has a Mission

Terri Mann arrives at Western Kentucky with the best credentials and the brightest future the women's game has seen in a while. They call her Baby Moses, and all she has to do now is fulfill the prophecy

By Gina Maranto

Texas by an Eyelash

The Lady Horns are slim favorites in a familiar field

By Jay Jennings


It Was More Than Just a Game

On March 23, 1963, Loyola of Chicago and the University of Cincinnati met for the NCAA championship—and college basketball entered a new era

By Ron Fimrite

Another Blow to Jim Crow

By Roger Jackson

Point After

Back from the Future

Oh, what a season it will have been

By Curry Kirkpatrick


From the Publisher

By Donald J. Barr