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College Basketball '87-88

The Juco Express 6
Junior college players are taking the fast track to the big time
by Alexander Wolff

How Indiana Got Smart 14
Juco man Keith Smart hit the Shot and made Bob Knight a genius
by Bruce Newman

Comin' Back at San Jac 18
San Jacinto's Ravens are the dominant juco team in the land
by Charles Pierce

They're Jumping for Joy 20
All of Wyoming is wild about the Cowboys and Fennis Dembo
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Anatomy of the Game 34
These pictures give physical proof of basketball's body language
Photographs by John W. McDonough

The Hot Way to Turn Up the Heat 46
Providence's pressure D burned some teams and got a lot of notice
by Alexander Wolff

Please Don't Pick Us No. 1 54
Coaches know that, in preseason polls, being first can be a curse
by Curry Kirkpatrick

One for the Books 96
Players in the UAA are as proud of double majors as double figures
by Austin Murphy

This Mann Has a Mission 102
Terri Mann comes to Western Kentucky with glowing credentials
by Gina Maranto

It Was More Than Just a Game 106
Twenty-five years ago Loyola met Cincinnati for the NCAA title
by Ron Fimrite

Point After 116
Back from the future: Oh, what a season this will have been
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Scouting Reports

Top 40 64
Big Ten 66
Big East 68
ACC 70
Big Eight 74
SEC 76
Metro 78
WAC 82
Pac-10 84
Atlantic 10 86
MVC 90
Best of the Rest 92
Small Colleges 100
Women 104

Art Director: Mitch Shostak; Assistant Art Director: Jane Frey

Cover photo by Joe McNally; Inset photo by John Biever