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January 27, 1988 Table Of Contents

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The $309 Million Games

ABC still smarts over the price of the rights

By William Taaffe


Party Time

There'll be a hot time in Calgary, host city of the Winter Olympics, where the mood is go-go-go when it comes to business or partying

By William Oscar Johnson

Alpine Skiing

Heading To the Heights

Smooth as Clockwork

So strong are its men and women skiers, the team from Switzerland may come close to a clean medal sweep

By William Oscar Johnson

The Swiss Golden Boy

It's conceivable that Pirmin Zurbriggen, the big cheese on the Swiss team, will win a record five gold medals

By William Oscar Johnson

The Mouse May Roar

Tiny Luxembourg proudly presents Marc Girardelli, a transplanted Austrian who may beat the mighty Swiss

By Anita Verschoth

Olympic Polonaise

The Tlalka twins, Dorota and Malgorzata, left their native Poland to make sweet ski music for France

By Jack McCallum

Wild and Crazy Guys

Canadian downhillers take inspiration from a quartet of daring Canucks who put the country on the map in skiing

By Sarah Ballard

Olympic Pins

Pining for Those Pins

As many will attest, collecting the tiny, colorful Olympic souvenirs can be addictive—and profitable

By Craig Neff


Shooting Stars

Spies That Slide

The East German-Swiss rivalry is redolent of cold war fiction

By Anita Verschoth

Artistry In Motion

For the U.S. team, sculptor Jerome Malinowski created a beautiful bob that he thought would go fast. He was right

By Robert Sullivan

High Tech

Tricks of The Trade

Ever wondered what keeps a ski jumper flying or a luger on track? Here are some answers

By Shannon Brownlee

Figure Skating

Giving It A Whirl

Double the Pleasure

Now that he has added artistry to his superior athleticism, Brian Boitano is no longer merely a skating robot

By E.M. Swift

And Now the Front-Runner

By E.M. Swift

Reflections Of a Queen

Former skating star Barbara Ann Scott glides on smoothly

By Sarah Ballard

A Focus On the Future

As the Games draw near, preparations for them fill Debi Thomas's waking hours. Follow the U.S. women's figure skating champion through a typical day

Odd Olympians

Losers Of Renown

The Games produce far more nonwinners than winners. Some have been real beauts. Calgary promises more

By William Oscar Johnson


Shoots, Scores!

A Breath of Fresh Air

The Swedes have a chance to beat the mighty Soviets, thanks to a brainy, creative style of play

By E.M. Swift

Holding The Fort

Young Sean Burke has the heavy duty of guarding the home country's net against rival forces

By Austin Murphy

Big D for The USA

Brian Leetch, the 'next great' U.S. player, eyes Calgary

By William Oscar Johnson


Far North Of Calgary

Calgary has the Winter Olympics; Inuvik, in the Arctic, has winter

By Leigh Montville


Subtlety on Ice

Going Feet First

Markus Prock is a world champ, but an Olympic underdog

By Jack McCallum

One Luge Success

Bonny Warner faced a lot of very tough sledding, but now she could become America's first medal-winner

By Jill Lieber

New Sports

Future Shock

Inspired by the Olympic quest for excellence, the author offers new ideas for sports and equipment

By Philip Garner

Nordic Skiing

Up, Up We Go

Riding the Air

Austria's Andreas Felder (above) and Ernst Vettori are hot in the chillingly spectacular sport of ski jumping

By Rick Telander

Show On Snow

A Finnish husband and wife can both be first-place finishers

By Kenny Moore

Targeting The Top

Josh Thompson, who grew up amid the wildlife in U.S. parks, has his sights set on the world's best biathletes

By Jill Lieber

Freestyle Skiing

Cutting the Mustard

Jan Bucher and ballet skiing, a demonstration event, have been battling their hot-dog reputations for a long time

By Demmie Stathoplos

Speed Skating

Fast Forward

Yanks on The Move

Bonnie Blair and Nick Thometz could bring home the first U.S. medals since the days of Eric Heiden

By Shannon Brownlee

The Flying Dutchman

Leo Visser of the Netherlands has a score to settle with a pesky Norwegian rival as he chases Olympic gold

By Clive Gammon

The Hero Returns

Canada's Gaetan Boucher, who won gold in Sarajevo, wants to repeat his triumph for the home folks

By Kenny Moore


Land of Icy Sports

In cold, forbidding Manchuria, China is working toward Olympic glory—but not in Calgary in 1988

By Robert Sullivan

Medal Picks

Who Will Win What

Ice Hockey

Canada is the home-country favorite

By Austin Murphy

Nordic Skiing

Finland's Matti Nykänen will steal the show

By Anita Verschoth

Figure Skating

Two Carmens will battle for the women's gold

By E.M. Swift


Tough sledding for some, a bit too easy for one

By Robert Sullivan

Alpine Skiing

The Swiss will rule the slopes of Mount Allan

By William Oscar Johnson

Speed Skating

There'll be some hot times at the Olympic Oval

By Anita Verschoth


Striking the Lode

There's money, big money, in them thar slopes—and rinks. All you have to do is win an Olympic gold medal or two

By Bruce Newman


No Stone Unturned

The U.S. hopes to rock the world in the hotly contested demonstration sport of—don't laugh—curling

By J.E. Vader


Aaaallll Aboard!

A 2,887-mile train trip across Canada yielded rare insights into that vast country

By William Oscar Johnson

Point After

The Games of Oz

The Winter Olympics have a fairy-tale aura

By William Oscar Johnson



By Donald J. Barr