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Covering an olympics is such an exhilarating experience, says writer-reporter Richard Demak, a member of SI's 34-person team at the Calgary Games, that "sometimes it feels like you're in an event yourself." So it is that with the final weekend of the 16-day extravaganza still to come, we have already invited some of the team's stars to the podium:

The Futile Sprint. The gold medalist is SCORECARD editor Steve Wulf, who arrived in Calgary and headed for the luge run in search of material. Competition was postponed because of wind. Next morning he checked out the women's downhill. Postponed, wind. Wulf dashed over to the team ski jumping. Postponed, wind. Wulf is now attending indoor events.

The Inconsequential Combined. This event pairs pin trading and name-dropping. Senior writer E.M. Swift built a big lead when he acquired 40 Olympic pins. Then he found himself in an elevator with Vladislav Tretiak, the legendary Soviet goalie. Swift traded Tretiak an SI pin for a U.S.S.R. hockey pin and endlessly boasted of his coup, clinching the gold.

Five-Man Rough Sledding. For their gold, photographers Heinz Kluetmeier, Ron Modra, Jerry Cooke, Richard Mackson and Carl Yarbrough clung to branches and hunkered down on Mount Allan for 5½ hours until the men's downhill was postponed because of 98-mph winds.

Up Close and Personalizing. Reporter Sally Guard spent a day at Alberto Tomba's semisecret training camp—she even danced the Tomba rumba with the charismatic young Italian skier—to win the gold. Guard barely beat out senior writer Frank Deford, who saw one of the Olympic mascots, Howdy—or was it Hidy?—with his/her/its head off.

Pairs Juggling. Senior editor Julia Lamb and director of photography Joe Marshall earned high marks for both technical merit and artistic impression in organizing our word and picture coverage. As true sports-persons, they are sharing their gold medals with the entire team.



Members of SI's Calgary group danced with Tomba and traded with Tretiak.