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September 14, 1988 Table Of Contents

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Sports Illustrated contents page SEPTEMBER 14, 1988 VOLUME 69, NO. 12 SEOUL '88

ALL OUT for GLORY These Summer Games, the first since 1972 not beset by a major boycott, promise intense competition and stirring moments

By Kenny Moore

A Teutonic Juggernaut By excelling in sports, East Germans can enjoy many privileges, including the right to travel beyond the Wall. And excel they do

By Alexander Wolff

A Better Deal This Time? Carl Lewis hopes to add to his 1984 haul of four gold medals while shucking the image problems that reduced his market value

By Dan Geringer

Exploring the Heart of Seoul The host city for the Olympic Games is a teeming, gleaming metropolis that celebrates the new while honoring the old


A Hero in His Native Land Sohn Kee Chung is South Korea's most revered athlete. But when he won the marathon in 1936, he was a man without a country

By Ron Fimrite

Talk About a Zone Defense In the DMZ, sports aren't a pastime but a way of keeping sane, because the games they play there aren't just games

By Shelley Smith

Olympic Home Cooking

The Big Winners

The Overachievers

Best Ever? The Bahamas! On page 58 begins a sport-by-sport preview of the '88 Games. But first a salute to a number of golden countries, big and small


Giving It Her Best Shot The youngest member of the U.S. team, 14-year-old Denise Parker, will win hearts whether or not she wins a medal

By Sarah Boxer

The Thrum of Victory

By Sarah Boxer


U.S.Versus Them Team U.S.A. seeks revenge, at last, for the 1972 loss to the U.S.S.R.

By Alexander Wolff

Getting Better with Age

By Alexander Wolff

Oscar, It's Just Oscar In Brazil, one name will suffice for hoops hero Oscar Schmidt, a gunner with his sights set on the U.S.

By Curry Kirkpatrick


Primed For Combat Paratrooper Anthony Hembrick, a tough 165-pounder from Detroit, will spearhead the U.S. boxing team

By Ralph Wiley

The Luck of the Draw

By Pat Putnam


A Yank Who Makes Waves Greg Barton, the current world champion in the 1,000, hopes to become the first American to win a kayaking gold medal

By Rick Telander

Like Meeting a Bear

By Merrell Noden


Take It Easy, Mme. Longo Jeannie Longo of France rubs many of her road-racing rivals the wrong way -- in no small part because she keeps beating them

By Franz Lidz

The Power Pedalers

By Alexander Wolff


High Flyers The Greg Louganis-led U.S. engages China in aerial combat

By Craig Neff


Riding in Style A land of few horses shows off a plush new equine facility

By Shannon Brownlee


Lessons from The Master

Emil Beck, the obsessive West German coach, turns out the world's best fencers at his Tauberbischofsheim training center

By Gary Smith

Beck's Good Boys

By Anita Verschoth

Field Hockey

The Flying Dutchwomen Surehanded Det de Beus in goal and waves of fleet-footed stickhandlers give the Netherlands a big edge in Seoul

By Franz Lidz

Hellish Fast Break

By Franz Lidz


Daredevil Who Dared Dmitri Bilozerchev of the U.S.S.R. has beaten the odds by coming back from a horrible car crash

By E.M. Swift

The $75,000 Secret

By E.M. Swift


Bloc That Shot Eastern European teams seem to have matters well in hand

By J.E. Vader


A U.S. Model Made in Japan Rigorously trained in the birthplace of the sport, Mike Swain is the first American male ever to win a world championship in judo

By E.M. Swift

Ippons and Kokas

By E.M. Swift

Modern Pentathlon

Dueling Rivals Hungary and the Soviet Union will wage a war of nerves

By Richard O'Brien


Knocking Sculls Pertti Karppinen of Finland and Peter-Michael Kolbe of West Germany go head-to-head again

By Merrell Noden

One Eight Stands Tall

By Anita Verschoth


This Pig Goes to Market An obscure event called Running Boar, or pig, has an image problem that has marked it for extinction

By Franz Lidz

Crowded Firing Line

By Sarah Boxer


A Young Eagle Flies High Italy's most powerful professional clubs are avidly pursuing Roberto Cravero, who is in turn chasing after Olympic glory

By Clive Gammon

Good Bloodlines

By Clive Gammon


The Big Splash A Pool of Talent The waters will be boiling with medal contenders from all over

By Craig Neff

The 50 Is A Swifty A new event at the Olympics, the 50-meter freestyle is short, sweet and blazingly fast

By Craig Neff

A Clash Of Wills The two best individual medleyists in the world will be stroking it out

By Craig Neff

Meet a Small Wonder In the distance freestyle events, the diminutive Janet Evans stands head and shoulders above the crowd

By Jill Lieber

Synchronized Swimming

Two's Company The Canadians and the Americans have the pool to themselves

By Demmie Stathoplos

Table Tennis

Star of The East Two-time world champ Jiang Jialiang is China's most popular sports hero

By Robert Sullivan

Bouncy and Noisy

By Robert Sullivan


The Seoul Open Professionals will play for medals as tennis returns to the Games

By Robert Sullivan

Track And Field

Off and Running A Trio of Aces Three U.S. women try to hold off the Eastern European swarm

By Kenny Moore

How High? How Far? How Soon? As the 20-foot pole vault, 30-foot long jump and other milestones beckon, it's time to assess -- again -- the limits to performance

By Craig Neff

Very Fancy, Very Fast U.S. sprinter Florence Griffith Joyner is certainly eye-catching -- if, that is, you can catch her

By Kenny Moore

Coming Up Roses

Olympic gold and 20 feet beckon as Soviet pole vaulter Sergei Bubka, not unlike the flowers in his hometown of Donetsk, bursts skyward

By Gary Smith


This Guy Has a License to Kill Steve Timmons, one of the mainstays of the favored U.S. team, has gone from slam-dunking to slam-bang spiking

By Franz Lidz

Long Live This Team

By Richard O'Brien

Water Polo

ROUGH STUFF Rugged Yugoslavia is spoiling to duplicate its '84 triumph

By Craig Neff


Little Big Man Pound for pound, Turkey's Naim Suleymanoglu is the best

By Craig Neff


Scherr and Scherr Alike Twin brothers Jim and Bill Scherr, from Mobridge, S.Dak., anchor a U.S. team that may be the best since the Gable gang of '72

By Craig Neff

Summit on the Mat

By Craig Neff


Bring on Pusan The U.S. should come close to repeating its great '84 success

By John Garrity

Medal Picks

Who Will Win What

SI's Anita Verschoth picks the winners of all 730 Olympic medals. Accompanying her choices is a photo gallery of athletes who, having endured boycotts and the ravages of time, quest for gold in a third, fourth or, in one remarkable case, fifth Summer Olympics.

On the Trail of the O-Word Despite official efforts to curb unsanctioned use of the word 'Olympic,' the author finds it lurking here, there and everywhere

By Leigh Montville


By Donald J. Barr