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February 7, 1989 Table Of Contents

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Here's a portfolio of six new covers featuring your SI models in swimsuit venues of the past



The Pixie Pioneer

Impish Babette March put on that white bikini and launched an institution

By Franz Lidz

From Baja With Love

Sue Peterson got something better than a cover from her SI swimsuit shoot

By Sarah Ballard

Always Fair Weather

It seems that way for Sunny Bippus, whose name reflects her outlook

By Sarah Ballard

A Wallflower Blossomed

Marilyn Tindall Percival conquered shyness by entering beauty contests

By Ron Fimrite

Life Without A Problem

That's the way Turia Mau Payot describes her idyllic existence in Tahiti

By Kenny Moore

An American In Paris

Jamee Becker Guilbert now stays busy as a working mother in France

By Jack McCallum

Older and Better

So what if Cheryl Tiegs is 41. She looks terrific and is doing just great

By Curry Kirkpatrick

Far, Far Away

On Top of The World

Multidimensional Tannia Rubiano Hecht has never had it so good

By Demmie Stathoplos

No Prima Donna

Modest Sheila Roscoe still doesn't understand how she ever got to be a model

By Jaime Diaz

Her Gaze Can Daze

Dayle Haddon's glance could melt glaciers

By Ralph Wiley

The Woman Warrior

Ann Simonton fights for feminist issues—and against the SI swimsuit issue

By Jill Lieber

Birds of a Feather

Yvette and Yvonne Sylvander have a rapport that is unique to identical twins

By Bruce Newman

No Gulf Here

The Best Of Both Worlds

Homemaker Lena Kansbod wants to get back to modeling

By Jack McCallum

A Touch Of Magic

Did Maria Jo√£o use the occult to make the SI cover?

By John Maier

Rich and Famous

That's Christie Brinkley after three SI covers and marriage to singer Billy Joel

By Bruce Newman

Well, Safari, So Good

Waiting for The Call

Carol Alt is tired of being just a pretty face. She wants to be a movie star

By Austin Murphy

The Queen Of Kauai

The Pearls Of Paulina

Paulina Porizkova is a woman who likes to say exactly what she thinks

By Douglas S. Looney

A Visit to St. Barts

What's the Big Deal?

Supermodel Elle Macpherson can't understand what it is that others see in her

By E.M. Swift

G' Day, Elle

Up Against The Wall

For some collegians, swimsuit photographs are the last word in dorm decor

By Bruce Newman


C'mon in, the water's fine along Mexico's Pacific Coast—and so are the swimsuits

By Jule Campbell

íHola! íGracias! íDestapador!

After a 12-day sampling of the many, mostly sensual pleasures of Mexico's Pacific Coast, the author tells you pretty much all you need to know about this languorous littoral

By Rick Reilly

Point After

Tannia and Me

How a Roman Gabriel fan lost his innocence

By Rick Reilly



By Donald J. Barr

In the Swim

Through the centuries, swimsuits have gone from the ridiculous to the sublime, with a few strange stops in between

By William Oscar Johnson

How It All Began

SI's swimsuit issue was created 25 years ago to fill a midwinter sports gap

By Frank Deford

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our master at combining models with swimsuits and scenery

By Frank Deford