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War in the Falklands, cyanide in the Tylenol, Israel in Lebanon, toxic waste in the ground, Dustin Hoffman in drag, Michael Jordan's shot in the basket, Gordon John-cock in a close one. The Cardinals, Redskins, Lakers, Islanders, Jordan's Tar Heels and Joe Paterno's Nittany Lions in the money.


The Cowboys gathered themselves for one last rush. Montana scrambled right. Solomon was covered. Too Tall Jones and Larry Bethea and a blitzing D.D. Lewis were closing in, forcing Montana to the sidelines. "I wasn't going to take the sack," he said. I couldn't see Dwight open. I knew he had to be at the back of the end zone. I let the ball go. I got hit and wound up on my back. I rolled over. I saw Dwight's feet hit the ground. I heard the crowd screaming."

They were screaming partly from the memory of another great 49er combination, Y.A. Tittle to R.C. Owens, the famous Alley Oop, only this time it was Clark who climbed the sky wire and came down with six points with 51 seconds left. "It was over my head." Clark said. "I thought, 'Oh-oh, I can't go that high.' Something got me up there. It must have been God or something."

The hands of a thief: Rickey Henderson swipes 130 bases.

Tracy Austin beats a 13-year-old making her pro debut. The kid's name is Steffi Graf (right), her take, $725.

Spielberg strikes again.

Hyped duel: Sampson's Cavs push aside Ewing's Hoyas.

A 212-point season? It can't be done, but the Great Gretzky does it.

Cal beats Stanford. And the band plays on.

Stretch, flex, bend, ogle.

Clark's catch wins the NFC title game for San Francisco, 28-27.