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Pages 24-25. RECORD: Bret wills. VOLKSWAGEN: Ralph Crane/LIFE.
Pages 26-27. FACE MASK: Tony Tomsic. CASSIUS CLAY: Big Fights, Inc. TV DINNER: no credit.
Page 28. PALMER: AP.
Page 30. THE NAUTILUS: Ralph Morse/LIFE.
Page 32. DIMAGGIO AND MONROE: UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos.
Page 34. DROBNY: UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos. CONNOLLY: AP.
Page 36. WHAT'S MY LINE?: Pictorial Parade.
Pages 42-43. MAYS'S CATCH: N.Y. Daily News. RHODES: Hy Peskin.


Pages 46-47. HELMET: Bret Wills. VUKOVICH: AP. RUSSELL: Rich Clarkson. MOSES: no credit. CHAMBERLAIN: Grey Villet/LIFE.
Pages 48-49. NASHUA: Mark Kauffman. JAMES DEAN: Dennis Stock/Magnum. MUSIAL: John G. Zimmerman.


Pages 50-51. EISENHOWER BUTTON: Bret Wills. ROMMEL: AP. SAILER: Joern Gerdts/LIFE. MORROW: Richard Meek. DIDRIKSON ZAHARIAS: AP. LARSEN AND BERRA: UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos.
Pages 52-53. GRACE KELLY AND PRINCE RAINIER: no credit. HORNUNG: UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos.


Page 54. FRISBEE: Bret Wills. AARON: John G. Zimmerman. BIRD: Courtesy of L.V. Smith. NICKLAUS: Bill Lamneck.
Pages 56-57. EDSEL: Ford Motor Company. PATTERSON: Dan Weiner.
Page FROM THE "NEW YORK MIRROR": Bret Wills. $100,000: Dennis Ortiz Lopez.


Page 58. AMECHE'S TOUCHDOWN: Hy Peskin. CAMPANELLA: John Durant Collection. STAMPS: Bret Wills.
Pages 60-61. FISCHER: Doug Rodewald. DRAWING: Dennis Ortiz Lopez.


Page 62. PLANTE'S MASK: Doug MacLellan/Hockey Hall of Fame. ALASKA FLAG: Bret Wills. HAWAII FLAG: Bret Wills. JOHANSSON: Mark Kauffman.
Page 64. HOPPE: John Durant Collection. PENNIES: Bret Wills. SUGAR RAY ROBINSON: UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos. HADDIX: Milwaukee Journal.

Pages 68-69. HELMET: Tony Tomsic. LAMOTTA SERIES: AP. PALMER: John G. Zimmerman. BAT: Bret Wills. RUDOLPH: Mark Kauffman/ LIFE.


Page 72. BAYLOR: Marvin E. Newman. FOYT: Indianapolis Motor Speedway. PLAYER: Arthur Rickerby. EIGHT BALL: Bret Wills.
Pages 74-75. MCDONALD'S HAMBURGERS: Sygma.


Page 80. PULL-TAB CAN: Bret Wills. NICKLAUS: AP. LAVER: Hulton Deutsch Collection. CARSON: no credit.


Page 84. INSTANT REPLAY: Ken Regan/Camera 5. LOYOLA-CINCINNATI NCAA FINAL: Louisville Courier-Journal and Times. JOHN KENNEDY JR.: UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos.
Page 87. CAMERA: Walter Daran. BELINSKY AND VAN DOREN: AP. JERSEY: Bret Wills. STAUBACH: Neil Leifer.

Page 88. HOT DOG: Bret Wills. VENTURI: Walter Iooss Jr. BROWN: Neil Leifer. MUSTANG: Ford Motor Company.


Pages 90-91. ASTRODOME: Don Uhrbrock/LIFE. TWIGGY: Ralph Crane/LIFE. CLARK: Ford Motor Company. CHAMBERLAIN AND RUSSELL: Marvin E. Newman.
Page 92. KOUFAX BALL: Bret Wills.


Page 94. RYUN: Rich Clarkson. AUERBACH: Sheedy & Long. SKATEBOARD: Bret Wills. SCOREBOARD: James Drake.
Page 96. BRADSHAW: no credit.


Page 98. BOWLING PINS Bret Wills. SWITZER: Harry Trask. HOFFMAN: Movie Still Archives. YASTRZEMSKI: Art Shay. STARR'S TOUCHDOWN: John Biever.
Page 100. ROSE: Walter Iooss Jr.


Page 104-105. KING BUTTON: Bret Wills. HAYES'S JUMP SHOT: James Drake. MCLAIN: Herb Scharfman. DANCER'S IMAGE: Neil Leifer.
Pages 106-107. FLEMING: Arthur Rickerby/LIFE. PEACE BUTTON: Bret Wills. HARRELSON: Dick Raphael. SMITH AND CARLOS: Neil Leifer. ROBERT KENNEDY: Bill Eppridge/LIFE. BEAMON: Tony Duffy/Allsport.


Page 108. WOODSTOCK BUTTON: Bret Wills. NICHOLSON: Museum of Modern Art Film Stills Archive. LOPEZ: no credit. KOOSMAN AND GROTE: Walter Iooss Jr.
Page 110. BOOK JACKET: Bret Wills. NAMATH: Walter Iooss Jr. LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES: Vannucci Foto-Services. BROWN: Memory Shop. ALDRIN: NASA.


Page 112. BASEBALL CARD: Bret Wills. DEMPSEY: AP. WALTON: no credit. NAMATH: Spangler Productions. BAT: Bret Wills.
Page 114. LONGDEN AND SHOEMAKER: UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos.
Page 116. BROOKS ROBINSON: Herb Scharfman. NERF BALL: Bret Wills. ORR: John G. Zimmerman/LIFE. MARAVICH: Tony Triolo. KENT STATE SHOOTING: John P. Filo/AP


Page 118. PADDLE: Bret Wills. ALI: Neil Leifer. TREVINO: Walter Iooss Jr.
Page 120. TENNIS BALL: Mark Stern. GRETZKY: no credit. FIELD GOAL: Walter Iooss Jr. NIGHT WORLD SERIES SYMBOL: Cathie Bleck. EVERT: no credit.


Pages 122-123-CHESS PIECE: Bret Wills. HARRIS: Pittsburgh Steelers. CLEMENTE: Walter Iooss Jr. SHOE: Nike, Inc. NIXON BUTTON: Bret Wills. HENDERSON'S GOAL: Toronto Star.
Pages 124-125. MUNICH TERRORISTS: Neil Leifer. BASKETBALL TEAM: Rich Clarkson.


Page 126. WOODS: AP WALT FRAZIER: Walter Iooss Jr. FOREMAN: Neil Leifer.
Page 130. SHULA: Neil Leifer.


Page 132. DANTLEY AND WALTON: Rich Clarkson.
Pages 134-135. AARON: Herb Scharfman. CONNORS AND EVERT: Tony Triolo.
Page 136. NAMATH: Neil Leifer. FINLEY: Neil Leifer. MCGWIRE: no credit.

Pages 138-139. THE STEEL CURTAIN: Neil Leifer. ALI: Neil Leifer. FRAZIER: Neil Leifer. JAWS: Bret Wills. CONNORS: Co Rentmeester. FRANK ROBINSON: Tony Tomsic. WOODEN: Rich Clarkson. SOX CELEBRATION: Doug Bruce/ Camera 5.


Page 140. FREE-AGENCY SYMBOL: Cathie Bleck. KLAMMER: Helmut Gritscher. JENNER: James Drake.
Pages 142-143. COMANECI: Neil Leifer. RACKET: Prince Manufacturing Inc. ROCKEFELLER: AP. FIDRYCH: Lane Stewart. ERVING: Manny Millan. SWANN: Heinz Kluetmeier.


Page 146. SEATTLE SLEW: Heinz Kluetmeier. TIEGS: Walter Iooss Jr. PAYTON: Bill Smith/NFL Properties. FIDRYCH: John Collier.
Pages 148-149. R2D2: Lucasfilm Ltd. PELÉ: George Tiedemann. FOYT: Ron McQueeney/Indianapolis Motor Speedway. WATSON AND NICKLAUS: Phil Sheldon. ELVIS: Charles Trainor. REGGIE: Neil Leifer.


Page 150. CANDY-BAR WRAPPER: Bret Wills. LOPEZ: Harry Benson. STEINBRENNER: Lane Stewart, ALYDAR AND AFFIRMED: Co Rentmeester. JORDAN: no credit.
Page 152. MONCRIEF: Manny Millan. HAYES: UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos. ALI AND SPINKS: Neil Leifer. BRADSHAW (BEFORE): Bill Eppridge. BRADSHAW (AFTER): Bill Eppridge.


Page 156-DOLLAR: Bret Wills. STARGELL: Manny Millan. STEINBRENNER: Lane Stewart. THREE MILE ISLAND: Gregory Heisler. JOHNSON AND BIRD: James Drake. LEMOND: no credit.
Page 158. DAWKINS: AP TYSON: Big Fights, Inc. COSELL (BEFORE): no credit. COSELL (AFTER): Roger Sandier/Gamma-Liaison. MATTINGLY: no credit. MCENROE: Co Rentmeester.


Pages 160-161. REAGAN DOLL: Bret Wills. LENNON: Allan Tannenbaum/Sygma. HEIDEN: Heinz Kluetmeier. Ruiz: Enrico Ferorelli.
Pages 162-163. BORG: Walter Iooss Jr. DURAN: Manny Millan. BALLESTEROS: John Iacono. LEONARD: Neil Leifer. KNIGHT: Rich Clarkson. COE: Rich Clarkson. STALLWORTH: Walter Iooss Jr. MOUNT ST. HELENS: Roger Werth/Longview Daily News/Woodfin Camp & Associates.


Page 164. RAIDERS Bret Wills THOMAS: Manny Millan. Bo JACKSON: no credit.
Page 166. MTV LOGO: no credit. VALENZUELA: Manny Millan. MAHRE: Russell/Kelly. BROWN: Robert Martin/All-sport. ROYAL WEDDING: Douglas Kirkland/Contact Press Images.


Page 168-HANDS: Brian Lanker. AUSTIN AND GRAF: Paul Zimmerman. E.T.: Neal Peters Collection. SAMPSON AND EWING: Manny Millan.
Page 170. GRETZKY: Focus on Sports. BAND: Robert B. Stinnett. FONDA: Steve Shapiro/Sygma.


Page 174. BAT: Focus on Sports. THRILLER: Bret Wills. CONNORS: Walter Iooss Jr. WATSON: Steve Powell/Allsport. ISLANDERS: John Iacono.
Page 176. YACHTS: Dan Nerney. M* A*S*H: © Twentieth Century Fox Television. STEINBRENNER: Lane Stewart. BARRY (BEFORE): Heinz Kluetmeier. BARRY (AFTER): Brian Lanker. N.C. STATE: Rich Clarkson.


Page 178. MONDALE BUTTON: Bret Wills. VANESSA WILLIAMS: Donna Connor. DICKERSON: Peter Read Miller. NAVRATILOVA: Manny Millan.
Page 180. MOSES: Allsport. RETTON: Jerry Cooke.
Page 182. SHIRT: Bret Wills. LEWIS: Neil Leifer. BILL JOHNSON: Tony Tomsic. LOUGANIS: Ronald C. Modra.
Page 184. REAGAN: Bret Wills. NASTASE: Jacqueline Duvoisin. MORRIS: AP. FIXX: Ken Regan/Camera 5. FLUTIE: Heinz Kluetmeier.


Page 186. COKE: Al Freni. PERRY: John Biever. BOL AND WEBB: Manny Millan. RIDDLES: Jeff Schultz. WHITE: Roger Gould/Allsport. STEINBRENNER: Lane Stewart.
Page 189. GOODEN: Chuck Solomon. EDDIE ROBINSON: Ronald C. Modra. Bo JACKSON: Richard Mackson. BECKER: Steve Powell/Allsport.


Page 192. LIBERTY: Dennis Hallinan/FPG. HOCKEY: Rick Stewart/Allsport USA. SHOEMAKER: Joe Glick. CLEMENS: Jerry Wachter. BUCKNER: AP.
Page 195. NORMAN: Jacqueline Duvoisin.
Page 196. NICHOLSON AND JOHNSON: Brian Lanker. CHALLENGER: Fred Sisson/SIPA Special Features. JORDAN: Steve Cadrain. BIAS: AP. EASY GOER: Dell Hancock.


Page 198. WALL STREET: Bret Wills. PIT BULL: Phil Huber. BIRD: Manny Millan. STRIKE: Dan Fitzpatrick. TYSON: Manny Millan.
Page 201. CAMPANIS: Steve Fenn/ABC News.


Page 202. LIPS: Allan Tannenbaum/Sygma. STEINBRENNER: Lane Stewart. RILEY: Nathaniel Butler/NBA. GRAF: Manny Millan. GRETZKY AND JONES: Jonathan Exley/LGI. GRETZKY AS KING: Robert Beck/Allsport USA.
Pages 204-205. BOXER: AP. LOUGANIS: Brian Smith/Agence France-Presse. EAGLE: Allsport. WITT: Manny Millan. SULEYMANOGLU: Leo Mason. FLO-JO: John W. McDonough. JOYNER-KERSEE: Heinz Kluetmeier.


Page 208. BOOK JACKET Bret Wills. BARKERS: Douglas Kirkland/Sygma. GRETZKY: David E. Klutho. ROZELLE: Lane Stewart. MICHIGAN: John W McDonough.
Page 210. JABBAR: Lori Shepler/Los Angeles Times. MONTANA: Richard Mackson. HENSON (BEFORE): NMSU Sports Information. HENSON (AFTER): Allsport USA.
Pages 212-213. ROSE: Chuck Solomon. DRURY: Ronald C. Modra. RYAN: Ronald C. Modra. QUAKE: John McDermott/SIPA. DOWNS: John Iacono. GIAMATTI: Brad Trent/Outline. STEWART: UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos. BEIJING: AP/Wide World.