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The groundwork for SI's golf date with Vice-President Dan Quayle (page 44) was laid in December 1988 when managing editor Mark Mulvoy had lunch with the then Vice-President-elect while on a skiing trip in Vail, Colo. Mulvoy and Quayle talked mostly golf, a subject that came up again when the two men met at this year's Indianapolis 500. Mulvoy suggested that they tee it up, and Quayle readily agreed.

"Who do I call?" asked Mulvoy.

"Call me—I make my own golf schedule," replied Quayle.

Mulvoy came away from last week's match at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md., impressed with Quayle's feel for the game. "He's up on technology, golf-course architecture, history and tradition," says Mulvoy. "And he knows how to play all the shots."

Incidentally, we're under no illusions that this was Quayle's most important round of the week. Four days earlier, he had played for the first time with President Bush—and lost. Of course, Quayle wasn't helped by the fact that Bush assigned him a handicap of one, not his usual six.


After (from left) writer Rick Reilly, photographer Jacqueline Duvoisin, Quayle, Mulvoy and pro Kent Cayce finished their outing, the Vice-President signed off.