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One school renamed...another unnicknamed...endangered manatees reprieved

By Harris County (Texas) deputies on charges of solicitation of capital murder, Wanda Webb Holloway, 36. Holloway, whose 13-year-old daughter, Shanna Harper, was trying out for the Johnson Junior High cheerleading squad, allegedly hired a man for $2,500 to kill the mother of Shanna's chief rival. Authorities said Holloway hoped the rival would be grief-stricken and drop from the competition.

For the second time in three months, an offshore powerboating event in Tampa Bay, after the Florida Department of Natural Resources said races might prove harmful to manatees, an endangered water mammal found in southeastern Florida. Last year, 47 manatees were killed by boats in that area. "Lots of people are killed every year in automobiles," said David Coover, of the Suncoast Racing Boat Association, "but they haven't banned driving."

As the nickname of Eastern Michigan University's teams, Hurons, at the recommendation of a state civil-rights commission. At last Wednesday's announcement, school president William Shelton said: "[We] never intended disrespect ... toward Native Americans." Three days later, the men's basketball team, which for the moment shall remain nicknameless, lost to the Miami (Ohio) Redskins.

Filed for Divorce

Occasional Oakland Athletics outfielder Jose Canseco, 26, from his wife, Esther, 24, in a Dade County (Fla.) circuit court. In his petition for dissolution, Canseco, baseball's highest-paid player, claims that "the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken."

The couple was wed on Oct. 25, 1988, a date that had been pushed forward by two weeks so that Canseco could collect on a $10,000 bet with teammate Dave Stewart. Stewart had set a Nov. 5 deadline for the nuptials, which he doubted would take place because of Canseco's wandering eyes.

By the Roswell (N.Mex.) school board, Flora Vista Elementary school, to Nancy Lopez Elementary. Lopez, 34, the LPGA's second-leading alltime money winner, attended Flora Vista from 1963 to '68.

Writer and television commentator Pete Axthelm, 47; of liver failure; in Pittsburgh. Axthelm, a writer at SI from 1966 to '68, was best known for his sports columns at Newsweek, his book The City Game and his TV handicapping of horse races and pro football games. Dan Jenkins, another former SI writer, remembers him fondly: "Pete was a terrific writer and a tremendous talent. He had a bet on every game. I remember sitting with him at the 1970 Cotton Bowl between Texas and Notre Dame. Texas had switched to the burnt-orange jerseys a few seasons earlier, and I told Pete it was so they could hide the ball better. He jumped up and ran over to the phone."



The Cansecos now face the dog days of divorce.