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Korean conflict ends...a Hot Fudge diet...Astros ousted by the Grand Old Party

By 45 pounds, Washington Bullet forward John Williams, 26. Williams, known as Hot Fudge to distinguish him from the Cleveland Cavaliers' John (Hot Rod) Williams, tipped the scales at 305 last November. Having trimmed to the 260 mark, the Fudge was activated by the Bullets last week, as previously agreed.

Athletic teams from North Korea and South Korea into single squads for two international competitions this spring. The unified learns will participate in the World Table Tennis Championships in April and the World Soccer Championships in June, marking the first time in 45 years that the longtime enemies will compete together.

By the New York Knights with the first pick of the inaugural World League of American Football draft, Caesar Rentie, 26, an offensive guard at the University of Oklahoma (1984-87). The WLAF, which is managed by the NFL, includes teams based in Montreal, London, Frankfurt and Barcelona. "I'm just glad I wasn't sent somewhere on the other side of the world to play," Rentie said.

By officers of the Florida Highway Patrol, at 104 mph in a 55-mph zone, Oakland Athletics right-fielder and car buff Jose Canseco, 26. Canseco, driving a red 1985 Porsche 928, told authorities he was testing a high-octane aviation fuel.

By the Oakland Athletics as a part-time coach, former A's rightfielder and car buff Reggie Jackson, 44. Said Jackson, who collects exotic sports cars—including several Porsches—"I'm going to spend a lot of time with Jose this year."

Chuck Daly, 60, as the 1992 U.S. Olympic basketball coach. Daly will also take part in selecting the team, which for the first time will include NBA players. "Chuck could take the Pistons to Spain and bring back a gold medal," said Utah Jazz general manager Frank Layden. "But maybe he should take along Magic to be sure."

Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer, 23, from Methodism to Mormonism, in a service conducted in part by Brigham Young coach LaVell Edwards. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Detmer, who will be eligible for the NFL draft after next season, is expected to donate 10% of his future earnings to the church. A freshman redshirt in 1987, Detmer will not serve a two-year mission as most of his male classmates do.

By the Republican National Committee, the Astrodome in Houston as its convention site from July 27 through Aug. 23, 1992. The Astros, who must now find an alternative field for home games, are considering New Orleans's Superdome and Miami's Joe Robbie Stadium. "Players never have a 30-day away stand," said Gene Orza, chief counsel for the players' association, referring to the deal put together by Astro owner John McMullen. "This decision was made either in ignorance or defiance."



Jackson will try to steer Canseco right.