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April 8, 1991 Table Of Contents

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Putting On Your GameFace

Three brothers from New Jersey offer the fan a way to let his visage show where his loyalties lie

By Michael W. Klein


A Kingly Chess Club

At the Marshall Club in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, young masters mingle with the ghosts of legends

By Robert Horn


Railroad Crossing, Look Out for the Stars

Babe Ruth and the rest of the players of an earlier day spent an enormous amount of time on trains

By Jack Cavanaugh


Popes, Blizzards and Walleyed Pike

All have had an impact on the baseball schedules fashioned by Henry and Holly Stephenson to satisfy a dizzying myriad of requirements

By Albert Kim

The Final Four


Duke did it. The Blue Devils slammed Kansas, after shocking UNLV, to win the NCAA title

By Alexander Wolff

When 'The Best' Went Bust

By Curry Kirkpatrick


From Shadows To Glory

Unheralded Steve Elkington beat some big names to win The Players Championship

By John Garrity


A Sure Thing At the Shore

By Sonja Steptoe

Women's Final Four

At the Summitt Agian

Tennessee's women won yet another NCAA title for thier coach, Pat Summitt

By Hank Hersch

Bad Throws

Mysterious Malady

Why do some major leaguers suddenly forget how to throw a baseball?

By Richard Demak

Hook This Longhorn

Cutup Shaun Jordan hogged the stage as Texas won its fourth straight NCAA title

By Merrell Noden

Hakeem Olajuwon

H as in hot

Hakeem Olajuwon has added a letter to his name, and the torrid Rockets have added a dimension to their game

By Richard Hoffer

Evander Holyfield

A Quest For Respect

Heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield isn't one to be taken lightly

By Richard O'Brien

Horse Racing

A Real Dilly of a Filly

Derby hopeful Meadow Star ran her unbeaten streak to nine by winning the Comely Stakes

By William F. Reed


The Final Four

By Phil Taylor


By Jack McCallum

College Hockey

Try, Try, Try Again

Northern Michigan needed three overtimes to defeat Boston University for the NCAA title

By Jay Greenberg


Do You Know Me? Not Bloody Likely!

There's a loose side to tightly wound golf star Nick Faldo. But he does his best not to show It

By Rick Reilly


Masters of the Universe

Synchronized swimming champions Louise and Fred Wing dominate their septuagenarian age group

By Franz Lidz


This Scarface Is a Real Animal Too, but...

The future is brighter for the endangered black-footed ferret, thanks to one last wild—in every way—male of the species

By Bil Gilbert


The Liberal Arts of Baseball 101

In New York City, a printer, painter and sometime professor probes the soul of the national pastime

By Tim Crothers

For The Record

A West Coast water hog...thanks to Gray, Gratz goes gratis to Indy...Lott casts his lot with a new lot

Edited by Michael Jaffe

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

Tale of the Red-Faced Blue Devil

Duke won the big game, but its mascot lost his very being

By Leigh Montvilie



By John Papanek



Edited by Steve Wulf