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April 22, 1991 Table Of Contents

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For Better Shooting, Think Big

A team of Ohio entrepreneurs insists that their oversized basketball will improve your touch

By Michael Jaffe


Grappling with the Family Farm

For the Schiefelbeins of Minnesota and their nine sons, wrestling and agriculture go together

By Douglas S. Looney

The Masters

Fight to the Finish

Feisty little Ian Woosnam outlasted a wave of challengers and won over hostile Masters gallery

By John Garrity


P-p-p-p-play B-b-b-ball!

In a shivery series in Chicago, the Cubs got the early-season jump on the Pirates

By Steve Rushin

NHL Playoffs

Horror Show

Galloping goons and gratuitous gore marred the dramatic opening round of the NHL playoffs

By Jay Greenberg

Mark Spitz

Spitz Was Blitzed

Taking the plunge again at 41, Mark Spitz lost a made-for-TV match race to world champion Tom Jager by a whopping margin

By Richard Hoffer

Jerry Evans

Break Out The Bubbly

After majoring in football for jive years at Toledo, tight end Jerry Evans will probably be celebrating on NFL draft day

By Douglas S. Looney

Dr. Z's Draft Preview

By Paul Zimmerman

David Robinson

Horn of Plenty

David Robinson is the Spurs' player of note

By Bruce Newman


Just Wandaful

Wanda Panfil of Poland was a winner in Boston, but so was fourth-place finisher Joan Benoit Samuelson

By Merrell Noden



By Tim Kurkjian


By Jack McCallum

Fading Fast

Fading Fast

Thoroughbred racing in the U.S. is being run into the ground by offtrack betting and other legalized gambling

By William F. Reed

First Person

The Creature from the Aquarium

Mostly the things in the author's fish tank—and those of his friends—stay put, but sometimes they escape

By Robert H. Boyle

For The Record

The Kicks decide to punt...Mr. Rourke's fantasy...a dismal Day for Arkansas

Edited by Michael Jaffe

Faces in the crowd

Point After

A Last Lick for Minnie

Would it hurt to give Minnie Minoso one more at bat?

By Leigh Montvilie




Edited by Steve Wulf