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May 20, 1991 Table Of Contents

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London to Beijing by Automobile

That was the itinerary for an intrepid band of motorists raising echoes of a 1907 classic

By Robert Sullivan


Playing Through Racial Barriers

Ann Gregory made her mark in amateur golf as the first black woman to play on the national level

By Rhonda Glenn

NBA Playoffs

Show of Hands

Michael Jordan's teammates were much in evidence as Chicago took a 3-1 lead over Philly

By Jack McCallum

Happy Trails

By Alexander Wolff

Nunn Out

James Toney KO'd Michael Nunn, the IBF middleweight champ, in Nunn's hometown ballpark

By Pat Putnam

Penguins-North Stars

Who Woulda Thunk?

The Penguins and the North Stars meet in a most unlikely Stanley Cup final

By Jay Greenberg

IACC World Championship

A New Tack

The International America's Cup Class made a splashy debut in San Diego

By John Garrity

Michael Johnson

Making Tracks

Michael Johnson ranks as the world's best at 200 and 400 meters

By Merrell Noden

Rob Dibble


What makes explosive Cincinnati pitcher Rob Dibble tick, tick, tick? No one is sure, least of all Rob Dibble

By Hank Hersch

Laura Baugh

All Smiles Again

After a series of personal setbacks, former LPGA siren Laura Baugh's love life and golf game have regained that ultrabright look

By Sonja Steptoe

Horse Racing

A Special Special

Farma Way blew away the track record in winning the Pimlico Special

By William Nack



By Tim Kurkjian



By Hank Hersch

For The Record

A high-priced Yugo...beaned by backstop...Al Capone to the rescue

Edited by Michael Jaffe

Faces in the crowd

Point After

A Whole New Ball Game for Teddy

Could that have been Ted Williams you saw hustling baseball memorabilia on cable TV? The answer, sad to say, is yes

By Leigh Montville



By John Papanek



Edited by Richard Demak