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Insomniac incarceration...Righetti's triple the altogether in Atlanta

By actress Hillary Wolf, her opponent after less than 20 seconds of the women's 99-pound judo final at the Olympic Festival in Los Angeles. The 14-year-old Wolf, who played Macaulay Culkin's bratty older sister in the movie Home Alone, defeated 28-year-old Jean Kilmer by an ippon—the largest possible margin of victory in judo. Said USOC official Debbie Copp, "They came out. They shook hands. I heard the crowd, and then Kilmer was on her back."

By the Detroit chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), that Tiger Stadium cannot be saved. Two months ago, shortly after the Tigers announced intentions to build a new stadium, the Tiger Stadium Fan Club commissioned the local AIA to study the feasibility of saving the 79-year-old ballpark. Although the AIA found Tiger Stadium to be obsolete, the Fan Club claimed the architects had reached a "wrongheaded conclusion" and said it would fight for the park's restoration.

By San Francisco Giants pitcher Dave Righetti, triplets, who were born to Righetti's sister-in-law, Kayla Campbell. As teenagers, Kayla and sister Kandice made a pact that, because Kandice would be unable to bear children, Kayla would do it for her. Last December, shortly after Righetti signed a $10 million contract with the Giants, his sperm was used in an in vitro fertilization of Kandice's ova and then implanted in Kayla's uterus. When Righetti announced the births to his teammates, he was given a standing ovation.

By the Dakota (Minn.) County district court, Burnsville High hockey team members Jason Christopherson, Jason Hanson and Mark Hazlett, four months after they stole $12,000 worth of hockey equipment from a local sporting-goods store. The boys were ordered to pay back $3,200 apiece and sentenced to 60 days of electronically monitored confinement in their homes. A computer randomly calls each house, and the boy must insert an electronic bracelet into a device attached to his phone to confirm his presence. "I haven't had a good night's sleep since it started," said Mark.

For $1,031,101 at a Sotheby's auction in London, 23 golf clubs that belonged to Willie Park, Bobby Jones and other past British Open victors. The price an unidentified British corporation paid for the clubs was the highest ever for sports memorabilia, more than doubling the $451,000 spent last March for a Honus Wagner baseball card. However, the company will have to find its own bag for the clubs, as the $20 vinyl number used to hold the clubs during the auction belonged to Sotheby's.

Down the first base line at Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium and then slid into home plate, two naked Atlanta Braves fans, after the sixth inning of the Braves' 12-2 win over the Cubs on July 17. Jeff Galloway and Billy Gant were apprehended but later released. Ten days earlier, three fully clothed men who ran onto the field during an Atlanta game were convicted of disorderly conduct and fined $150 apiece.



Jones opening the '30 Open.