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Bout of the stout...pigskins in the pits...Hollywood's card Shark

To Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, tennis ace Monica Seles, before the Dodgers' 3-2 win over the Cincinnati Reds on Aug. 12. Seles had paid $2,300 at a charity auction for the privilege of sharing a meal with Lasorda, and she dropped by to meet him between matches at last week's Virginia Slims. Seles, who was recently barred from the 1992 Olympics for skipping the Federation Cup, went to several Dodger games during the week and at one was nearly tagged by a foul ball. When asked if a lunch date had been set, Seles said, "Not yet; I have a pretty tough schedule."

By Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, a NASCAR Winston Cup racing team. Gibbs, who invested nearly $2 million, says his love for the sport dates from the 1950s when he hung around California hamburger joints, admiring hot rods. Veteran NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett will race Gibbs's fleet of seven Chevy Luminas, and sponsorship deals have already been struck with a variety of investors, including the NFL, which will have its logo painted on Gibbs's cars and hopes to sell a new line of racing apparel.

A world-record time of 1:57.30 in the 200-meter backstroke, Martin Zubero, at the U.S. summer nationals in Fort Lauderdale, thereby breaking the sport's oldest mark, set in 1985 by Igor Poliansky. Both Zubero and Mike Barrowman, who set a world best in the 200-meter breaststroke at the same meet, ate their pre-race meals at McDonald's, which dropped its sponsorship of U.S. Swimming in 1986.

As a high-stakes poker player in the Rob Reiner movie Honeymoon in Las Vegas, UNLV Runnin' Rebels basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian. When the film's star, James Caan, learned that Tarkanian had accepted the role, Caan demanded that Tark be seated beside him at the card table during their scenes together. Tark will employ some of his signature mannerisms for the movie, including the chewing of a damp, folded towel. Oddly, while much of the movie is being filmed in Las Vegas, Tark will spend a week in Hollywood for his casino spot.

By Sinjin Smith, a volleyball over his brother, Andrew, during a round-robin tournament, in Santa Cruz, Calif. Sinjin and partner Randy Stoklos went on to defeat Andrew and teammate Bruk Vandeweghe 10-6 on their way to a second-place finish. Vandeweghe, the younger brother of New York Knicks forward Kiki Vandeweghe, didn't begin playing volleyball until his sophomore year in college, when, as a guest at Bill Walton's home in San Diego, he learned the sport while roaming the beach.

In a 10-round very heavyweight bout, former world champion Larry Holmes, who scored a unanimous decision over 248-pound Eddie Gonzales, loser of five of his six previous fights, in Tampa. Holmes, 41, who earned $60,000 to his opponent's $6,000, was never challenged by the doughy Gonzales. Afterward, Gonzales mustered enough energy to chase down WCW wrestler Dan Spivey outside the arena for an autograph and to pose with him in a photo.



Seles and Lasorda will do lunch.