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Invest in three- to six-month CDs if your current ones mature in
October, the biggest rollover month of the year, with $100 billion
worth coming due. The average six-month CD yield is a scrawny 5.57%
now. But experts predict an upturn by spring, allowing you to lock in
beefed-up yields then for the long term. Page 21

-- Get set for a feast in the increasingly delectable midcap
market -- stocks of companies valued at between $200 million and $2
billion. Three winning funds: Twentieth Century Ultra (up 169.2%
over five years; 800-345-2021); Delaware Group-Delcap I (up 162.2%;
800-523-4640); and Fidelity Contrafund (up 148.2%; 800-544-8888).
Page 51

-- Choose bargains in income-oriented stocks for excellent
performance now. Look for strong companies with low price/earnings
ratios, yields of at least 5%, and likely dividend growth of 5% or
more a year. Our six picks include two British stocks trading on the
New York Stock Exchange as American Depositary Receipts: Hanson
(recent price: $18.75; yield: 7.1%) and British Petroleum ($71.50,
6.8%). Page 71

-- Investigate little-known state assistance programs when saving
for a first home. They provide financing at as much as 1.5 percentage
points below market rates. Families earning up to $50,000 often
qualify. Page 135

-- Avoid becoming audit bait when refinancing your mortgage. Only
the points attributable to money spent on home improvements are
deductible in the year you pay them; in most other cases, you must
spread the write-off over the life of the loan. And always pay points
on a refinancing with a separate check, or you'll lose the deduction.
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