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November 4, 1991 Table Of Contents

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When Mr. Longtail Feasted on Racing

Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams weren't the only superstars of 1941. Consider the willful Triple Crown champion, Whirlaway

By Jim Bolus


Making an Honest Living by Playing the Angles

Ruben Gonzalez has gone from gang member to top-ranked pro and four-time Sportsman of the Year

By Marty Kaminsky


Out of the Slammer and into the Swim

Alcatraz, a lockup of legend, is the starting point for an arresting San Francisco triathlon

By Laura Hilgers

World Series

A Series to Savor

In a World Series of delicious drama, the Minnesota Twins barely bested the Atlanta Braves

By Steve Rushin

Bravely Done, but Short One Run

By Steve Wulf

The Man Who Wouldn't Stop Pitching

By Tim Kurkjian

Clemson-N.C. State

The Tigers' New Stripes

Clad in unfamiliar purple, Clemson reaffirmed its ACC supremacy by defeating N.C. State

By William F. Reed


A Wing And a Prayer

Bad things are happening this season when quarterbacks, including the L.A. Rams' Jim Everett (above), drop back to pass

By Rick Telander

Dan Marino

His Time Is Passing

Life's great for Dan Marino, except his chances for Super glory are fading

By Rick Telander

Marco Lokar

In Pursuit Of Peace

Marco Lokar, reviled for his act of conscience at Seton Hall during the gulf war, is now torn by the strife in his native Slovenia

By Sam Toperoff



By Peter King

College Report


By William F. Reed

Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing

While probing the fight game for the FBI in the early 1980s, the author uncovered disquieting links between the mob and powerful promoter Don King. The vain quest to learn more took an undercover agent into a meeting in King's office

By Joseph Spinelli


By William Nack


The Old Man of the Mountains

At 36, off-road cycling star Ned Overend is a formidable competitor in a grueling sport

By Stephen Malley


A Man of Many Words

Arthur Ashe is a bibliophile with a passion for collecting books on black athletes

By Daphne Hurford

For The Record

A big pot at the end of a trot...Cuomo's cut near the hoop...a week charge for the Spartans

Edited by Michael Jaffe

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

No Hero in Sight

What of an ex-Auburn football player who chose to take the money and run his tape recorder?

By Rick Telander



By John Papanek



Edited by Richard Demak