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January 13, 1992 Table Of Contents

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Read the Book, Michael

Despite what you've heard, you come off pretty well in 'The Jordan Rules'

By Alexander Wolff


A Mountain of Hassles

These days, building an environmentally sound winter recreation spot is no simple undertaking

By Robert Sullivan

AFC Playoffs


John Elway propelled the Broncos past the Oilers and into the AFC title game with yet another thrilling last-minute drive

By Rick Reilly

Another New Year Blowout

As K.C. learned, the Bills are still potent at home in January

By Peter King

NFC Playoffs

The Rarest of Roars

The Lions ended a 35-year playoff drought by ripping apart the Cowboys 38-6

By Rick Telander

Couldn't Run, Couldn't Shoot

The Redskins untracked the Falcons' attack

By Paul Zimmerman

NFL Coaches

Thanks, But No Thanks

As others scrambled for coaching jobs, Bill Parcells rejected two whopping offers

By Peter King

The Dream Game

The Dream Game

Would you believe it? Washington beat Miami in the battle of two No. 1's

By Austin Murphy

Todd Day

New Day Dawns In Arkansas

After a two-month suspension, Arkansas swingman Todd Day dazzled on the court but still brooded away from it

By Phil Taylor

Tonya Harding

Not Your Average Ice Queen

A troubled past hasn't stopped Tonya Harding from becoming a figure skating champion


College Basketball

By Phil Taylor


By Jack McCallum

Young Cassius

Young Cassius Clay

At 50, Muhammad Ali is a much-admired figure, just as he was in his formative years as a fun-loving but purposeful youth in Louisville

By William Nack

For The Record

A bigger trade was never made...Ledell's Roman holiday...An unwelcome departure in Florida

Edited by Jon Scher

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

Homage from a Homeboy

A contemporary from Louisville reflects on all that he and 50-year-old Muhammad Ali share

By William F. Reed




Edited by Steve Wulf