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March 23, 1992 Table Of Contents

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Step Aside, Coach

Three innovative football video games will hone your play-calling skills during the off-season

By Albert Kim


Hoosier Hoopla, but not about Hoops

In basketball-mad Indiana, Culver Military Academy has developed into an unlikely hotbed of high school hockey

By Michael Jaffe

Skating a Thin Line

A would-be Citizen Kane is publishing a program that is up-to-date and irreverent

By Lisa Twyman Bessone

SEC Tournament

March Mayhem

Kentucky won an expanded, 11-team SEC tournament in a wild prelude to the NCAAs

By Curry Kirkpatrick

This Colt Got Rapped

The favorite, rap star Hammer's colt Dance Floor, failed to keep up with Technology in the Florida Derby

By William F. Reed

Magic And Bird

Leaving A Huge Void

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird stepped in and rescued the NBA during its darkest days. Can anyone replace them?

By Jack McCallum

Boone And Campanis

Like Father, Like Son, Like...

Bret Boone and Jim Campanis are racing to become baseball's first genealogical triple play

By Austin Murphy

L.A.'s in a Family Way

By Richard Hoffer

Bob Goodenow

A Striking Change

Under tough new leader Bob Goodenow, the NHL Players' Association, once a management patsy, has authorized a walkout

By Austin Murphy

Danny Tartabull


Free-agent signee Danny Tartabull wants to shoulder the burden for the Yankees to prove just how good he is

By Bruce Newman

Harolad Smith

The Second Time Around

Harold Smith, the promoter who swindled a bank out of $21.3 million, is back in boxing, guiding Larry Holmes

By Richard Hoffer



By Jack McCallum

College Basketball

By Phil Taylor

Moe Berg


Moe Berg, baseball's Renaissance man of the '20s and '30s, was a U.S. atomic spy in World War II

By Nicholas Dawidoff


Black and White and Green

'The Selling of the Green' authors may be guilty of racism in saying the Celts favor whites

By John Garrity


The Celtics' Music Man

For one golden season Tony Lavelli charmed the NBA with a hook shot and a squeeze-box

By Jack Cavanaugh

For The Record

Buser's dogs have their day...Lindros takes a break...Razorbacks stay on track

Edited by Richard O'Brien

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

Miss Manners Would Be Teed Off

Distracting somebody on the course is an unheard-of (well, almost) breach of golf etiquette

By Rick Reilly




Edited by Richard Demak