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Hockey Violence
E.M. Swift's POINT AFTER in your May 18 issue hit the nail on the head. The hammers roaming the ice in the NHL are a disgrace. Speed, precision and courage are the exciting elements of hockey. Clean up the game and maybe the NHL will finally land a big-time television contract. For fans who demand violence in a sport, I have this advice: Watch Rollerball.
Newtonville, Mass.

One point I would like to add to Swift's excellent comments is that because of overexpansion each team has five to seven players who do not belong in the NHL. They cannot keep up and must therefore resort to mugging tactics.
Regina, Saskatchewan

In the cover story of your May 18 issue (I Got It.... I Got It.... Ooops), I believe Steve Wulf overlooked what might be the most important reason for so many errors in baseball this year: lack of concentration. It seems that the criterion for a good manager these days is getting as many pitchers as possible into a nine-inning game. Reliever after reliever is paraded out of the bullpen while fielders stand around, waiting, waiting, waiting. Their minds start to wander instead of remaining concentrated on the game.
Plant City, Fla.

I agree that one of the main reasons for errors is that many younger players take extra batting practice but fail to take the extra fielding practice. I also don't think today's huge contracts motivate players to work harder. Instead, they make the players more cautious in the field. They know that the next time their contracts come up, the money could be even larger, and they don't want to be hurt.
Washington Township, N.J.

Your May 18 cover greets the reader with a photograph of a gaudy, electrically lighted E. To take nothing away from Steve Wulf's article, I found the choice of your cover design inappropriate in a week during which basketball fans were being treated to four NBA playoff series and the emergence of the next Celtic star, Reggie Lewis. Even if the cover had to be devoted to Wulf's article, an action shot would have been better.
Palm Harbor, Fla.

I enjoyed your article about Lenny Dykstra (The Phanatic Phillie, May 11), but I wish you had printed a disclaimer after his description of the night he got into the car accident. Anyone who has studied the effects of alcohol would know that his claim of having four beers over several hours is inconsistent with reaching a blood alcohol level of .179.
Yonkers, N.Y.

Sauropods and Theropods
In Franz Lidz's otherwise delightful article about sumo wrestler Konishiki (Meat Bomb, May 18), he refers to Godzilla as a sauropod. Sauropods were giant four-legged browsing dinosaurs. A more apt analogy might have been to theropods, the meat-eating dinosaurs that walked on their hind legs.
President, The Dinosaur Society
Newton Lower Falls, Mass.

Quality Time
Although I am an advocate for quality day care for children whose parents work, I was disappointed to see a thumbs-up beside the Judgment Call (SCORECARD, May 11) about the American Golf Corporation's establishing a center for kids whose parents play golf. Do kids who spend five days a week in day care really need to also spend weekends there while their parents play golf?
Burlington, Mass.

Cover Story
The cover of your May 18 issue with its large, unadorned E was so simple, it was brilliant. It also brought an interesting question to mind: Have there been other SI covers on which no living beings, human or animal, appeared? If so, would you please reprint some of them?
Torrance, Calif.

•Beginning with our second issue, dated Aug. 23,1954, which showed golf bags at the Masters, we have occasionally run such covers. Until the May 18 issue, the most recent had been our Feb. 24, 1986, cover—a TV set was the subject. One of the most striking covers of this sort appeared on our June 14, 1982, issue; the "illustration" was the beginning of NFL player Don Reese's article about his cocaine addiction and the wide use of drugs in pro football. Like our E cover, it featured only type.—ED.






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